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netbet-announces-1-million-predictor-tournament netbet-announces-1-million-predictor-tournament

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NetBet Announces £1 Million Predictor Tournament



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NetBet is excited to unveil its newest and most thrilling promotion yet – a Predictor Tournament with a staggering prize pool of £1 million. The Free to Play Correct Score Predictor promotion is available to all NetBet Sport players and promises to bring excitement, challenge, and incredible rewards.

The Predictor Tournament is an excellent opportunity for sports enthusiasts and betting aficionados to test their predictive skills and win big. Participants will predict outcomes for all Euro 2024 games across four rounds of fixtures. Players who correctly predict two or more results correctly out of six will win anything from a £2 Free Bet to £100,000 cash. Those who have correctly predicted 20 or more correctly over the four rounds will also be able to win a whopping £1,000,000 prize.

This isn’t the first time NetBet has given players something to enjoy. Their revamped Wheel of Sportune has been spinning all season, featuring daily free prizes to all NetBet Sport players. This coupled with their regular weekly score predictor has cemented them as a sportsbook that rewards its valued players.


“We’re thrilled to offer our players such an exciting and rewarding experience,” said NetBet CEO, Marcel Prioteasa. “This tournament not only provides a substantial prize pool but also gives our customers a unique opportunity to showcase their expertise throughout an exciting summer of football.”

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Games Lift 2024: These five developer teams will receive the Hamburg incubator funding



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Five teams have won over the Games Lift awarding committee with their game projects. On September 9, the Games Lift Incubator will start for them as a unique support program in Germany. Included is a one-year workshop and mentoring program with international industry experts and 15,000 euros in financial support, as well as room for collaboration and exchange with the other participating teams. More than 30 experts in game design, product development, pitching, business development, press relations and marketing from the Games Lift network will share their experience with the teams to give their projects a professional start. Starting this year, the program also offers participating teams a joint trip to an international industry event. The Games Lift Incubator is organized and implemented by Gamecity Hamburg on behalf of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

A total of 21 teams and solo developers applied for the fourth Games Lift Incubator. The decision for the five participating teams was made by the awarding committee, consisting of Kristin von der Wense (Publishing Producer Daedalic Entertainment), Ole Schaper (Managing Director The Sandbox Hamburg (Sviper GmbH)), Heiko Gogolin (Managing Director Rocket Beans Entertainment) and Tobias Graff (Co-Founder, Programmer and CEO Mooneye Studios).

Margarete Schneider, Project Manager at Gamecity Hamburg, on the award committee’s decision: “We are delighted with the large number of applications for our incubator and the high standard of the pitch decks submitted once again. It is particularly pleasing that we are receiving more applications from outside Hamburg, who see the city as an attractive location for starting a new business. The Games Lift Incubator provides gaming start-ups with comprehensive starting support and enables them to forge connections in Hamburg’s diverse games scene.


The five winner projects and teams for Games Lift Incubator 2024:

  • ForeFeathers by Team Honeybeak
  • Frisia – Cozy Villages by Rouven Cabanis
  • Light of Atlantis by Duck ‘n’ Run Games
  • Pubcrawler by Triflgard
  • Tiny Garden by Tales from the Garden

ForeFeathers by Team Honeybeak is a 3D Puzzle-Platformer where players slip into the role of a penguin, who explores the sky-high ruins of an ancient civilization of birds. Traversing the flying islands with the ancient powers of flight, solving tricky puzzles and keeping the penguin’s friends away from trouble are some main aspects of the game.

In Frisia – Cozy Villages by Rouven Cabanis the player gains control over an uninhabited Northsea island and is tasked with building a functional, yet cozy and beautiful little town. Inspired by the frisian architecture of the Dutch and German Northsea coast, Frisia aims to create a cozy gameplay experience in harmony with simple town-building and strategy game mechanics.

Light of Atlantis by Duck ‘n’ Run Games is a 2D puzzle metroidvania in which players take on the roles of various robots with individual abilities to explore the sunken ruins of Atlantis. By draining and releasing water into the various rooms, the robots shape their environment and improve their chances against different enemies. Light of Atlantis was part of the Gamecity Hamburg prototype funding in 2023 and received in the same year the German Computer Game Award (Deutscher Computerspielpreis) in the category “Best Prototype”.

Pubcrawler by Triflgard is a co-op PC game in which up to four players need to work as a team, to navigate a giant, mechanic, wandering pub through an apocalyptic wasteland. In the process, they must complete a variety of challenging tasks that can only be mastered as a team. Working together efficiently, pleasing the different guests and keeping a cool head even when the giant pubcrawler faces technical issues are the key to a successful journey.

In Tiny Garden by Tales from the Garden players slip into the role of a deity who fills a deserted planet with life. Together with their servants, a group of cute leaf creatures that must be protected from evil spirits, they plant a constantly growing garden. As soon as the garden is fully grown, the evil spirits can be soothed and the player can move on to the next planet in help.


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The gaming phenomenon arrives in Portugal: is the first Portuguese casino with Crash Games


Reading Time: 2 minutes is the first Portuguese online casino with Crash Games, the global phenomenon that has revolutionized the gaming sector. The company now offers this new online game format with 13 games, developed by 3 studios, including 100% national and exclusive games, developed by the Portuguese studio Darwin. More games are being prepared to launch in the coming weeks.

Crash Games are a new casino game that is changing the logic of online gaming. Directly inspired by the blockchain universe, this format began among cryptocurrency aficionados, was adopted by online casinos and impacted all regions of the globe where it was launched as a successful phenomenon.

Crash Games usually involve a flying object, such as a plane, traveling in an ascending line; players place their bets which are multiplied as the plane ascends. Players then have to decide when to withdraw their bets before the plane “runs away”. The key is to choose the ideal moment to “cash out”, that is, hit the highest multiplier before the crash moment.

Advertisement will initially make available 13 Crash Games games from 4 studios: Darwin, Playtech, and ESA Gaming. Among the launches, two Portuguese games exclusively on stand out, “O Avião” and “Foguetão”, developed by the Portuguese studio Darwin, specialized in mobile. Also noteworthy is the “Luva de Pedreiro” themed game, a social media phenomenon. In the coming days and weeks, the company will launch even more Crash Games options, reinforcing its leadership as the online casino with the most games available; Recently, reached the milestone of 3 thousand games on a single platform.

This is a completely disruptive form of entertainment that finally arrives in Portugal, through It is a moment much anticipated and prepared by us. Crash Games involve a fast and fun game logic, close to gaming, which will boost the online casino universe, until today, essentially anchored in slot machines”, reflects Américo Loureiro, Director of, adding “We believe that Crash Games can change the paradigm of online gaming in Portugal.”

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Compliance Updates

Oddsgate advances in compliance with GLI-33 certification



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iGaming software company Oddsgate continues strengthening its commitment to regulatory standards by obtaining its third certification from Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), the GLI-33.

With a 2024 agenda prioritizing integrity matters and expanding to new markets, the company has met its goals by obtaining licenses in cruciais countries such as Romania and certifications like GLI-13 and GLI-19.

Established as a benchmark in the market, GLI is a respected entity in the gaming and lottery sector, building its reputation since 1989. With a global network of laboratories across six continents, the company holds both American and international accreditations, ensuring compliance with ISO/IEC standards and technical expertise in the gaming, betting, and lottery industries.


The Brazilian government approves GLI to certify companies and conducts rigorous and thorough testing. In this context, Tiago Almeida, co-founder of Oddsgate, highlights that this process elevates the industry’s standards, especially in a market with recent regulations. By strictly following all the high criteria established, Oddsgate celebrates this advancement, which will bring more quality and security to its activities.

The certification is also strategic for the federal standards already offered to many Brazilian operators and their “” domains in pursuit of their local federal Brazilian licence.

The GLI-33 certification covers aspects such as:

• Security Requirements: Protection of sensitive data and system integrity.
• System Integrity: Accuracy and fairness in betting operations.
• Risk Management: Detection and mitigation of fraud and errors.
• Reporting and Audits: Transaction logging and auditing.
• Regulatory Compliance: Adherence to local laws and regulations.

In addition to many other criteria that ensure trust and transparency on betting platforms.


“Oddsgate is meticulously crafting its strategic initiatives, unwaveringly and continuously striving to elevate our software and services to the highest compliance standards. We aim to cultivate an ecosystem of responsible, secure, and transparent betting for our clients, operators, and the ultimate end player. This partnership with GLI fortifies our position and commitment to these ideals, and this significant accomplishment profoundly gratifies us.” added Tiago Almeida.

Almeida further reinforces that the company will continue this approach and reveals that “The Q4 of 2024 will also be a solid execution period for Odddsgate, as we will announce additional certifications and B2B licenses.” to make the platform increasingly complete and maintain its innovative products and solutions.

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