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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursdays

While Social media is used for sharing our lives as often as possible as events happen to us, but we’ll take any excuse to reminisce about the old days and the good feelings that come with it. This is also the case on which we have decided to take you back a few year or even centuries to get that great feeling you once had when listening to these golden beats and sounds.

What is Throwback Thursday?

Throwback Thursday is the name of a weekly social media posting trend and hashtag game that people from all over the world use online to share and look back fondly on some of their favorite memories—hence the “throwback” theme. In this case, the “throwback” component of a post can apply to almost anything that happened in the past.

Make sure you remember to add that #iGamingRadio hashtag next to you #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday hashtags when sharing you favorite tune.