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eInstant Progressive Jackpot

IWG Launches Multi-State eInstant Progressive Jackpot




Instant Win Gaming (IWG), a leading supplier of eInstant games to NASPL/WLA-member lotteries, congratulates both the Pennsylvania and Virginia Lotteries on the launch of the industry’s first multi-state eInstant progressive jackpot.

This new multi-state progressive jackpot, branded as Mega Money Jackpots, will deliver multimillion dollar prizes to eInstant players in Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Designated eInstants from each participating lottery contribute a small percentage of their sales to fund the Mega Money Jackpots.

IWG serves as the jackpot manager and administrates the settlement of jackpot prize monies across the participating lotteries.


In time, the Pennsylvania and Virginia Lotteries foresee additional U.S. lotteries linking eInstants into Mega Money Jackpots which will further increase the progressive prize possibilities.

Mega Money Jackpots is powered by IWG’s InstantJackpots. Since all functionality is contained within IWG’s InstantRGS (remote game server) no development support was required by either lottery’s iLottery platform provider. And additional lotteries can join independent from whichever iLottery platform provider they have contracted with.

Rhydian Fisher, CEO at IWG, said: “Progressive jackpots have been hugely popular with eInstant players in both Pennsylvania and Virginia. Now with the higher prizing opportunity that comes from pooling play across two successful lotteries, Mega Money Jackpots allows for even higher jackpot awards and greater player excitement. Congratulations to both lotteries for pioneering this next chapter in eInstant games.”

Stephanie Weyant, Deputy Executive Director for Marketing and Products at Pennsylvania Lottery, said: We’re excited to work alongside the Virginia Lottery and IWG to launch Mega Money Jackpots. The ability to offer higher jackpot prizes will certainly resonate with our players and result in additional proceeds to benefit older Pennsylvanians here in the Commonwealth.”

Scott Kenyon, Strategic Games Manager at Virginia Lottery, said: As the first U.S. lottery to launch progressive jackpot eInstants, the Virginia Lottery has continued to collaborate with IWG to champion even more online innovations. This multi-state partnership with the Pennsylvania Lottery highlights these efforts, setting an example for other iLottery jurisdictions. We believe Mega Money Jackpots will be enthusiastically received by our players all while supporting the Virginia Lottery’s mission to raise revenue for K-12 public education.”