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nzxt-and-flyquest-forge-strategic-partnership-empowering-professional-gamers-and-content-creators nzxt-and-flyquest-forge-strategic-partnership-empowering-professional-gamers-and-content-creators


NZXT and FlyQuest Forge Strategic Partnership Empowering Professional Gamers and Content Creators



NZXT, a leader in PC gaming components, products and prebuilts, is thrilled to announce a partnership with FlyQuest, a premier esports organization. This collaboration designates NZXT as the “Official PC Partner” for FlyQuest’s LCS, NACL, RED VALORANT, RED CS2 teams, and their content creators.

NZXT and FlyQuest share a vision that gaming is for everyone. NZXT will provide FlyQuest teams and creators with high-performance gaming desktops from their Flex gaming PC subscription service. NZXT Flex provides the flexibility of no long-term commitments, 24/7 technical support and equipment upgrades every two years at an affordable monthly rate. This collaboration guarantees that FlyQuest athletes and creators such as Fiona Nova and Basil, have access to the best technology available. It highlights their shared commitment to empowering gamers and creators to reach their full potential by providing easy access to the latest, high-performance hardware, enhancing their in-game performance.

In the spirit of enabling gamers who aspire to be the best, FlyQuest’s NACL team will be officially branded as FlyQuest NZXT. NZXT’s commitment to FlyQuest’s NACL team extends beyond branding. They are dedicated to providing the resources and support necessary to develop the talent for FlyQuest’s NACL team. NZXT and FlyQuest want to help these aspiring players advance to the LCS and achieve success by fostering an environment where players can thrive. Supporting players in the NACL is crucial for the health of the League of Legends Esports, as it ensures a strong pipeline of talent, elevating the level of competition and making it more exciting for both spectators and players alike. Investing in this talent development is an important goal for both organizations, reflecting their commitment to the future of esports.

NZXT will also lend its brand name across FlyQuest’s teams and facilities, including jersey placement for FlyQuest RED, LCS, and NACL teams. Additionally, FlyQuest’s training center and boot camp will be named the NZXT Boot Camp and the center will be outfitted with NZXT PCs, providing each of FlyQuest’s teams with the best equipment for training and competition.

“It is unique to find a partner who can help every facet of your organization,” said Brian Anderson, CEO of FlyQuest. “On top of providing top-tier gaming units for our competitive success, NZXT will allow FlyQuest to level up all aspects of our business, from creators to content.”


“We believe that anyone can be a PC gamer and strive to deliver the best gaming experience possible,” said Johnny Hou, Founder and CEO of NZXT. “Our partnership with FlyQuest is a testament to our commitment to this vision. We’re excited to support FlyQuest’s mission and look forward to achieving great things together.”