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The Senet Group launches responsible gambling campaign

As the lead responsibility body in the sector, Senet Group is launching its Quarter Four awareness campaign to coincide with Responsible Gambling Week.

In coming weeks, Senet will place stand-alone responsible gambling advertising in a number of the live football matches and 2000 more adverts across channels and programmes where we know a significant percentage of viewers are likely to gamble online. Our target is to have these messages seen 30 million times on television within the next three months.

The campaign is making increasing use of social media channels like ODDSbible and digital marketing agencies that can target messages precisely to younger regular gamblers.

Wanda Goldwag, chair of the Senet Group said: “We know our messaging works, with more than 80 % of players recognising our messages to set limits, only gamble what’s affordable and not to put play ahead of family and friends. Surveys tell us millions may have changed their gambling habits as a result or taken the campaign as a prompt to raise a gambling concern with family or friends.

TV advertising is a key element but we need also to understand and follow our market. There is a generation who watch less television or who do so engage on social media. The gambling sector can reach out to these players and those in Senet membership will always be carrying responsibility messages. We need to be equally smart at getting our messages across, and in a tone that works with this audience.

Led by the Industry Group for Responsible Gambling, the Responsible Gambling Week initiative runs from October 12-18.…

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