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Stats Perform Extends Partnership with TruMedia




Stats Perform, the sports tech leader in data and AI technology, has extended its partnership with TruMedia for another five years.

The agreement will see both companies continue to collaborate on the development of ProVision, an advanced analytics platform, currently in use at over 90 professional teams across football and cricket.

Since first joining Stats Perform’s SPIN network in 2016, TruMedia’s expertise in software engineering and applied analytics has enabled forward-thinking teams to go deeper in its analysis of players and teams, through the extensive interrogation of Stats Perform’s industry-leading Opta data.

“I am very happy that TruMedia and Stats Perform will be continuing to work together. Since we first launched ProVision in 2017, we have constantly looked to evolve the platform to reflect the changing requirements of analysts working across elite football and cricket. This has resulted in us recently introducing new data filters, enhanced data visualisation templates and a flexible live API, allowing users to utilise their customised ProVision stats and reports in their preferred coding platform. Through close collaboration, we will be looking to help our world-class clients optimise key match analysis and recruitment processes,” Albert Larcada, Vice President of TruMedia, said.


Using ProVision, a team’s data analysts are able to create and save custom KPI’s and reports unique to their needs across major competitions. Coupled with ProVision’s video player, users can create custom reports to not only shortlist and compare players across competitions for recruitment, but also curate specific playlists for coaches and scouts to watch on-demand video for opposition scouting.

Throughout 2021 Stats Perform and TruMedia have worked together to further develop ProVision, which has seen the integration of tracking data into the platform as well as the introduction of an enhanced API, which allows for the automated export of a team’s custom reports into third-party software such as R and Tableau. This has enabled advanced users to further streamline their analysis processes, in addition to making data more accessible within a client’s own internal systems.

“TruMedia are a hugely valued strategic partner, whose engineering expertise is helping clubs, national federations and franchises intelligently apply Opta data and advanced metrics to get a better understanding of how a team or player performs in different scenarios. Together we are looking forward to introducing further updates to ProVision before the end of the year, including the launch of a brand new video player, which will further assist data analysts with reviewing performance to share engaging insights with players and coaches,” Ben Mackriell, Stats Perform VP for Data, AI & Pro Products, said.

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