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Broadway Colt Casino

T&P Properties Chooses CasinoTrac Management System




Table Trac, Inc. announces it has signed an agreement and installed its CasinoTrac management system at the Broadway Colt Casino in Battle Mountain, NV.

Colt Casino now enjoys a complete suite of gaming management products that includes its patent pending Dynamic Auto Social Distancing system (DASD), reporting, auditing, accounting, patron management, dispatching, along with marketing and promotional solutions, which assist in creating player loyalty and growing revenues.

“We picked Casino Trac because of its reputation of being such a reliable system and how well it works for the guest and casino but more importantly, the service and support that the Table Trac team provide the casino operator,” said Stuart Ellison, General Manager.

Chad Hoehne, President of Table Trac Inc, stated, “We are thrilled T&P Properties has chosen our management system, and we are confident that our suite of products will benefit their gaming operations.”

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