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Affiliate Managers under interrogation by GAV: Yana Prokhorova, Affiliate Manager at King Billy Casino



         Check out our newest interview in the Affiliate Manager under interrogations series starring:                         Yana Prokhorova, Affiliate Manager at King Billy Casino 


Name: Yana Prokhorova
Age: 28
Hometown: Feodosiya, Crimea
Living in: Kiev, Ukraine
Favorite Food: seafood
Must Read Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
Affiliate Manager at: King Billy Online Casino


GAV: Hi Yana, first of all, tell us and our readers a bit about yourself. How did your career start in the industry? What determined you to engage in this activity and start working at King Billy Affiliates?


Yana: To be honest, my career in gambling started rather unexpectedly, as most good things in life do! After graduating from university, and while I was working as a translator, a friend of mine told me about an interesting vacancy he saw on the Internet, connected to gambling. The same evening I uploaded my CV to try my luck. Soon, I was invited for an interview in FAVBET and eventually was offered a position as a Junior Affiliate Manager. The rest as they say is history! The Head of Affiliates was Ioannes Lagos who helped me a lot and shared from Day 1 his huge experience in gambling with me. I am very grateful to him.

Speaking about King Billy Affiliates it was a kind of new challenge for me, because I have never worked for a start-up company before. However, I am very happy and proud of our King Billy team who are all doing their best to provide a second to none gaming experience to players by offering them features and offers very seldom seen in the industry.

GAV: KingBilly Affiliates is an exciting new project. What do you think is the key aspect affiliates appreciate regarding your affiliate program?

Yana: There is more than one key! Strategically created campaigns with a much higher than average CTR, custom promotions delivered instantly, a friendly and knowledgeable support team as well as top notch native advertising are much appreciated by our partners.

GAV: King Billy Affiliates is relatively new, does your program have any East European affiliates that you manage?


Yana: Sure, we have. I cannot say that their number is big now, there is still a lot of work to be done. However, the integration of Income Access software and promotion of King Billy Affiliate Program in various gambling sites will help us a lot to attract new East European affiliates.

GAV: Are there any super-affiliates coming from that region? We know for certain that a huge group of affiliates come from Eastern Europe.

Yana: At the moment we are in the process of negotiating the best deal with super-affiliates from those regions. On the other hand, we are more focused on the Nordic countries and our goal is to penetrate this promising market.

GAV: What is your personal opinion about fair gaming? Do you think there is still room to improve the view of the gambling industry? I mean, is there a new generation prepared to do that? Both Affiliate Manager and Affiliates.

Yana: Vulnerable players will always exist. Fair gaming should never be considered a “fait accompli”, but rather a constant, on-going process. So yes, there is always room for improving, for everyone engaged in the industry.


GAV: Yana, please fill us in on your current offer for affiliates and maybe a brief description of your program!

Yana: For three months, half of our Kingdom is yours! This is our promise to new Affiliates who join our program and earn a 50% commission for the first 3 months. However, we would like to point out to Affiliates, that in terms of servicing and response, our entire Kingdom is yours. Our philosophy in King Billy is that we work hard and efficiently with our Affiliates, in order to create long lasting and fruitful partnerships. We have a motto for this at King Billy: We don’t just win. We win together!


King Billy Affiliates


GAV: What markets target does King Billy Affiliates target, and what makes it stand out in the growing crowd of online casino affiliate programs?


Yana: Our targeted markets are Nordic countries, Canada and Australia. King Billy has built on creating a superb user experience focusing on the myth of King Billy and his Kingdom which differentiates us from the “crowd” as you call it, and treats every player and affiliate with the specialness he deserves.

GAV: Since the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference is almost here, we would like to ask your opinion about this event, are you guys attending these conferences or are you going to be in Amsterdam? How about SiGMA?

Yana: We’ll be there! Our team is going to attend the Amsterdam Affiliate Conference to have direct contact with our affiliates. Moreover, Amsterdam, and all other Affiliate Conferences help us to be kept up-to-date on the industry, meet new people and discover new products. Regarding SiGMA we are also going to be there.

GAV: Where do you think the online casino industry will be in 3 years, and of course, on which scale do you see KingBilly Affiliates?

Yana: That’s a tough one! 3 years in our industry is almost like a decade or even half a century for other industries. Personally, I expect the trend of new online players introduced almost every day to continue and even rise. I believe we are going to be seeing an abundance of new online casinos, which will of course create demand for game providers, affiliates, etc. In the end, there will be of course some market correction with the good ones staying on top. As for King Billy Affiliates, we expect to be with the good ones, only at the top!


GAV: Tell us a bit about your team? As we know it’s quite new but well positioned industry professionals with many years of experience in the field.

Yana: It sounds like a paradox, but it isn’t. Yes, the team of the Affiliate Department is relatively new to the particular field, but they have done their time in other areas of the online gaming industry, like marketing or media buying, which has helped them in building a spherical approach in things. It’s exciting to work with them!

GAV: Since Central and Eastern Europe offers a large pool of successful affiliates in the industry, do you think that this region is somehow overlooked by brands that are not applying for licenses in the demographic region?

Yana: You do have a point. However, it is the laws of supply and demand which may prioritize regions other than Eastern European markets. I do not think that these regions are overlooked, they are just pushed a little bit back. But their time will definitely come.

GAV: Who is your favorite celebrity and if you’d have to a pick a destination in Eastern Europe, where would you travel?


Yana: Raoul Bova, an Italian actor. I like all his movies and he seems to be a true Gentleman! Regarding traveling, I would like to go to Budapest. There are a lot of great sights to see and food to try.

GAV: Where you wouldn’t want to travel?

Yana: I would like to go everywhere, but I prefer Mediterranean climate to Nordic climate!

GAV: What is your opinion about GAV (

Yana: You are doing a great job guys, and all of us at King Billy Casino are happy to be associated with you as Golden Sponsors. Keep on like that!


GAV: Yana, thank you for taking the time for this interview, we’re also happy to be working together with you guys! 

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Get Ready for the iGaming and TECH Summer Run-Off on Strava!





Welcome to the iGaming and TECH Summer Run-Off on Strava! 🌞

The sun is shining, the trails are calling, and it’s time to break out those running shoes! We are excited to announce the launch of the iGaming and TECH Summer Run-Off, a dynamic and engaging challenge designed to bring together professionals from the igaming and tech industries. This event runs from June 14 to August 31, inviting participants to step away from their screens and hit the pavement.

Why You Should Join:

  • Boost Your Health: Swap screen time for running time and reap the benefits of fresh air and physical fitness.
  • Connect with Colleagues: Interact with peers in a fun and supportive environment. Share routes, running tips, and motivation!
  • Compete and Conquer: Keep an eye on the leaderboard, challenge friends, and track your progress. Who will be the top runner this summer?

Challenge Details:

  • Period: June 14 – August 31
  • Open To: Everyone in the igaming and tech sectors. All skill levels are welcome, from beginners to marathon veterans.
  • Goal: Whether it’s your first 5K or you’re training for a marathon, set personal goals and use the club to stay on track.

Prizes and Perks:

  • Recognition: Weekly shoutouts for top performers and most improved runners.
  • Swag: Exclusive gear for standout runners at the end of the summer.

Getting Started Is Easy:

  1. Join the Club: Search for “iGaming and Tech Summer Run-Off” in Strava Clubs or click here and hit ‘Join’.
  2. Log Your Runs: Use Strava to track your runs. Each run will automatically update the leaderboard in our club.
  3. Engage: Post your routes, share photos from your runs, and engage with other members in the discussion section.

Let’s make this summer unforgettable! Lace up your running shoes, set your goals, and let’s run this season into the ground. Ready to sprint into action?

For more information and to join the challenge, visit our Strava club here.

The up-to-date leatherboard can be found here:


Don’t forget to share your runs on social media! Tag @HIPTHER to showcase your achievements and connect with fellow participants. This challenge isn’t just about physical fitness—it’s about boosting our mental well-being too.

Let’s support each other and make strides towards better health, both mentally and physically! #iGamingTechRunOff #HIPTHER

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Supremeland Welcomes iGaming Veteran Staffan Lindgren to Board Of Directors




Supremeland Gaming, Inc., the emerging brand in American iGaming, is pleased to announce Staffan Lindgren’s appointment to its Board of Directors.

Lindgren brings over 20 years of experience and a wealth of expertise in iGaming, notably as co-founder of NYX Interactive (later NYX Gaming Group), a major player in the iGaming industry. He has also held numerous previous board positions in both public and private companies in the iGaming sector and is poised to have a material impact on Supremeland’s strategic vision and growth plans.

“We are thrilled to welcome Staffan to our Board,” said Johan Apel, Executive Chairman at Supremeland Gaming. “He will undoubtedly strengthen our board and provide invaluable insights as we continue to innovate and expand in the rapidly evolving US iGaming market.”

Lindgren joins Supremeland at an exciting time. The company continues to experience rapid growth with the announcement of four US license approvals and the release of multiple iGaming titles in New Jersey and Michigan. The team also took home the “Slot Debut” award at the 2024 CasinoBeats Game Developer Awards. The winning title, Munition Mine™, is the debut title from Powderkeg Studios, a Supremeland Gaming Studio.

Lindgren expressed his enthusiasm for his new role, stating, “I am honored to join the esteemed board of Supremeland Gaming and look forward to collaborating with the talented and innovative team to drive the company’s success to new heights. I am eager to help Supremeland navigate and capitalize on the fantastic opportunity that lies ahead in the US iGaming market.”

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a cutting-edge electronic money institution

Genome and Chilli Partners join forces to revolutionize iGaming affiliate payouts





Leading the charge in the convergence of financial technology and iGaming, Genome, a cutting-edge electronic money institution, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with Chilli Partners, a prominent iGaming affiliate program specializing in casino games.

The collaboration marks a pivotal moment in the iGaming industry, bringing together Genome’s expertise in online financial services and Chilli Partners’ prowess in affiliate marketing. The partnership is set to redefine the landscape of affiliate payouts, offering an array of benefits to both affiliates and the iGaming community at large.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Chilli Partners. By combining our financial expertise with their influential position in the iGaming affiliate space, we aim to set new standards for efficiency and innovation in affiliate payouts,” – noted Genome’s CEO Daumantas Barauskas.

For one, the partnership offers efficient payouts. Affiliates can now enjoy expedited and secure payouts through Genome’s state-of-the-art financial infrastructure, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction.


It also provides global reach for Chilli Partners, as it can extend its reach to affiliates worldwide with Genome’s international payment capabilities. This allows Chilli Partners to foster a more diverse and expansive network.

The partnership streamlines financial workflows, ensuring seamless transactions and reducing administrative overhead for Chilli Partners, allowing them to focus on delivering top-notch affiliate services.

Genome is all about innovation in payments and online financial services. This approach brings new possibilities for payment options, providing flexibility and convenience for affiliates participating in the Chilli Partners program.

Lastly, the collaboration prioritizes compliance and risk management, assuring affiliates of secure and compliant transactions in accordance with industry regulations.

“This partnership aligns perfectly with our commitment to providing the best possible experience for our affiliates. Genome’s advanced financial services will play a crucial role in elevating our affiliate program to new heights”, – added Clayton Zammit Cesare, Head of Affiliates at Chilli Partners.


As the iGaming industry continues to evolve, Genome and Chilli Partners stand united in their dedication to driving positive change, innovation, and reliability. The partnership is poised to create a ripple effect, positively impacting the entire iGaming ecosystem.

About Genome

Genome is a leading EMI that provides innovative financial services, including batch payouts, SWIFT, and SEPA transfers. With a focus on efficiency and compliance, Genome empowers businesses across various industries, including iGaming, to streamline financial operations and enhance user experiences.

For more information, please visit

About Chilli Partners


Chilli Partners is a prominent iGaming affiliate program specializing in casino games. With a commitment to excellence, Chilli Partners connects affiliates with top-tier iGaming brands, offering a lucrative partnership that includes competitive commission structures and tailored support.

For more information, please visit

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