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sccg-announces-sponsorship-of-the-10th-arnold-south-america-sports-festival-featuring-pillow-fight-championship sccg-announces-sponsorship-of-the-10th-arnold-south-america-sports-festival-featuring-pillow-fight-championship

Arnold South America Sports Festival

SCCG Announces Sponsorship of the 10th Arnold South America Sports Festival Featuring Pillow Fight Championship




SCCG Management, a renowned sports entertainment and global gaming consultancy, announced its sponsorship of the 10th Arnold South America Sports Festival in São Paulo, Brazil. This year’s festival, scheduled for April 5-7, 2024, will feature the Pillow Fight Championship (PFC) as its centerpiece, showcasing the thrilling world of professional pillow fighting in South America.

The Arnold South America Sports Festival, the largest multi-sport event on the continent, attracts over 100,000 attendees each year. Established in 1989 and named after Arnold Schwarzenegger, the festival includes a wide array of competitions ranging from professional bodybuilding to fitness, figure, and bikini weekend expos.

This year, the PFC will take center stage, starting with PFCKids on the first day, followed by two days of intense competition among professional athletes. SCCG Management is not only a sponsor of the unique event but also boasts a significant strategic partnership with the Pillow Fight Championship. This partnership underscores SCCG’s commitment to supporting innovative and engaging sports events worldwide.

SBT TV in São Paulo will cover the event, bringing the excitement of pillow fighting to millions of viewers. SCCG Management’s sponsorship will be visible throughout the event, including the ring corners, mats, and even the pillows used by the competitors, ensuring a memorable and entertaining experience for participants and spectators alike.


“We are thrilled to sponsor the Arnold South America Sports Festival and to bring the Pillow Fight Championship to the forefront of this prestigious event. Our involvement reflects our commitment to supporting diverse and innovative sporting events that capture the imagination of fans around the world. The PFC is a testament to the dynamic and evolving nature of sports entertainment, and we are proud to play a role in its success,” Stephen Crystal, Founder and CEO of SCCG Management, said.

The sponsorship of the Arnold South America Sports Festival and the PFC aligns with SCCG Management’s mission to foster growth and innovation within the sports and gaming industries. By supporting the event, SCCG Management continues to demonstrate its dedication to enhancing the sports entertainment landscape and engaging with communities across the globe.