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Sneak Peek into VIGE Seminars – Innovation Talks – Daily Fantasy Sports: The Social Revolution – Valéry Bollier



Valéry Bollier has over twelve years of experience in the iGaming industry. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and seminars, as well as a contributor to various B2B publications. Equipped with a passion for Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS), Bollier is the co-founder and CEO of, a revolutionary fantasy football game which was launched three years ago.

Valéry will be among the keynote speakers during VIGE Seminars and will give a presentation about iGaming and the Social Revolution during the Innovation Talks panel on Day 2(21.03.2017). More info here…

Valéry recently released a white paper about Daily Fantasy Sports, which we thought would be interesting to read as a warm up to what you are going to hear during his presentation at Vienna International Gaming Expo 2017. Below you can read the full white paper about how daily fantasy sports are bringing a social revolution.

Be sure to save the date and attend VIGE2017, which will be held between the 20th and 22nd of March 2017 at the Austria Vienna Center in order to hear the fresh information at the seminars which will be held within the Expo, highlight your brand for visiting delegates by booking a stand or attend and network with the leading and newcomer company representatives that are going to be present at the show.

Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the organizers on +40 735 559 234 or by mail on [email protected].



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Disadvantages: Free Expo Visitors are not allowed to attend any of the seminars which will run during the 3 days of the show. The seminars have a special aim to deliver the newest and most vital information about the European gaming markets, Responsible Gambling, Innovations and of course exclusive insights coming from the region. Free Expo Visitors can upgrade their delegate status anytime during the registration period or at the registration desk situated in the venue.
The agenda and speaker list for the VIGE 2017 Seminars can be viewed here.


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Power Delegates can register online prior to the event by using the following form or have the opportunity to register at the registration desk during conference days. The delegate status grants its holder the opportunity to visit the exhibition floor, discuss deals, pick up gaming related magazines, attend the special seminars and network with fellow peers. All registrants are granted this privilege during the 3 days of the expo and are advised to have their ID at hand during their visit to the venue.

The main advantage of the Power Delegate is the opportunity to harvest the extra market information and discussions which can be accessed via the VIGE 2017 Seminars which are held during the 3 days of the show.


Each Power Delegate will receive a special report of the discussions, including the PowerPoint presentations that will be showed and discuss during the seminars.

The agenda and speaker list for the VIGE 2017 Seminars can be viewed here.


Daily Fantasy Sports: The Social Revolution

The iGaming market is now approaching a critical stage, where the majority of its customers were raised playing video games (anyone born after 1970, 46 years ago, grew playing on an Atari, Nintendo or Playstation…). This simple demographic fact should have led to a product revolution in the iGaming sector… but, for structural reasons, it still is not the case!


Many lessons can be learnt from the video gaming industry (always pushing the boundaries of quality, skill is everything…) but the most important one is that customers are expecting to play against each other.

Social is becoming the cornerstone of all successful games!
But iGaming operators (particularly sports betting and casino operators) are having difficulties embracing this.

The reason is simple: when you have been playing AGAINST your customers for years, you have a very complicated relationship with them. You think that they hate you for taking their money whenever they lose (and in many cases it’s true).  So when the “social” revolution kicked in, the iGaming sector quietly ignored it, much too afraid of the infinite consequences that this might have on its very optimised business models.

Accepting that evolution would also mean abandoning the short term profitable  “Excel Business Model” tailor-made by the sector:
>Buy unloyal customers (thanks to affiliation),
>get as much money as possible from them in a few months,
>loose them and start again.

They should then adopt a new business model:
>Gain/buy customers (thanks to the word of mouth, referral programs, affiliation)
>make less money per month per customer,
>keep them for years as customers  (9.51 years).[1]
Of course, this new “social” business model will not offer the same kind of return short term. But loyalty means that the profitability is much higher on the long term. The economic value of a loyal customer overtime is obvious![2]


Despite that fact, it is such a change of paradigm that many operators are still afraid of that change. They therefore prefer to say that social has nothing to offer to their sector and are using the “peer to peer” betting exchange semi failure to prove their point.

It is true that the Betfair business model was not the success that many people thought that it would be[3]. But using one example to make a generality is of course a major mistake. And their analysis is wrong because it is not about the product, it is about the market needs.

The new paradigm of our sector should rely on two simple facts:
– It is more stimulating and enjoyable for anyone to win their friend’s money than of the house or a stranger.
– Beating your friends is cool but taking their money at the same time is way better.

This is the real value offer that the iGaming market should focus on in the next few years: to become an extension of the video game industry by offering the same type of games, but monetized. The video gaming industry is targeting children and the young adult market. The iGaming sector could position itself as logical following and target all adults. Knowing that, for example, GTA V reached $1 Billion in sales after just 3 days[4], this positioning is not as bad as it could seems!

DFS is leading the social revolution in the iGaming sector


Daily Fantasy Sport is a game changer for the iGaming Industry, because for the first time, operators will have the opportunity to offer a game that is structurally a social game.
People are playing DFS to prove to their friends that they know the sports better than them. So it is not a coincidence that Oulala’s slogan is “Win cash, earn respect”. Customers are playing because they want to show off on Monday morning at the office, because they had the best team, because they beat all their colleagues (and took their money).

Companies like ours (, have positioned themselves as a network, so that iGaming operators interested in offering a DFS product do not have to severely invest. They will have access to our technology and will benefit from the customer mutualisation of our network (offering the critical mass that is needed).
Adopting DFS is therefore an easy process, but the biggest step is to change the mentality of the iGaming sector: they need to embrace the fact that the majority of the customers are now expecting real social games.  This is history unfolding and those who understand this Darwinist evolution in the early stages will most probably be the future winners of our sector.

[1]Fantasy Sports Trade Association, Industry Demographics, (Sep. 2014).
[3]The betting exchange only represents 6.48% of the remote gambling activity generated under the Gambling Commission Licences between April 2011 and march 2015

Haven’t yet registered? You are invited to register at an Early Bird Rate (50% off) until the 10th of March, 2017.



Assaf Stieglitz

Assaf Stieglitz (Founder and owner of to share his wisdom about sports betting in 2018



7 August 2017, Budapest: The organizers of CEEGC2017 are honored to announce Assaf Stieglitz (Founder and owner of as keynote speakers at the second edition of the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference. An event which is going to take place between 19-20 September at the Kempinski Corvinus Budapest.

Focusing on the online gambling affiliate industry in sports, casino, bingo and poker we can see that there is a similarity. Meaning that it has the same ultimate objectives which are applied across all of the products. With this said, there are different challenges that sports affiliates can face compared with gaming affiliates.

Seasonality plays an important role with sports-focused affiliates as the demand for content relating to a particular sport or event can affect the influx of new customers, depending on their sports preference and the updates they are providing to their users during these times. This applies to both affiliates and operators.

Being focused on the a sports niche you are basically set to a yearly calendar which shapes your work as a sports betting affiliate or sports betting operator during the year, and you are working to more rigid dates.


With 2 main event coming up in 2018 (Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup), affiliates are gearing up and starting to set up incentives to bring players towards their promoted operators.

The “Preparing for the World Cup and Winter Olympics 2018 (affiliates and operators)”  panel is scheduled to be held between 15:30 – 16:30 (Budapest Local Time) on the 19th of September (Day 1) during the second edition of the Central and Eastern European Gaming Conference Budapest. (you can view the full agenda here).


Sports betting affiliates, Getting ready for the FIFA World Cup” is the title of Assaf Stieglitz’s presentation and the topic is awaited by numerous operators that have shown their interest to attending the event.

Founder and owner of, a Sports Betting Odds Comparison company which operates in partnership with many betting sites through affiliation.


Assaf’s company also provides bespoke B2B services to other companies in the market.

As a Software Engineer with a deep knowledge of sports betting, Assaf started to build the core technology of the business way back in 2003 and in 2004 he launched his first affiliation site.

Since than the company has expanded and penetrated new markets – such as horse racing – while establishing a few dedicated sites for these markets.

As a veteran in the industry, Assaf has extensive knowledge and experience in the sports betting business both as an affiliate and as a service provider to other related companies.



How to secure your seat?

Early Bird Rate is set for 299 EUR an can be booked with the 50% discount until September the 3rd, 2017. Limited seating! (Online payment, Bitcoin or Bank Wire Available)

Register here:

For more details visit the official website, or contact the organizers directly by email ([email protected]) or by phone (0040 735 559 234).

Watch this space for more interesting updates about #CEEGC2017Budapest…


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Two major announcements from BEGE Expo and EEGS: Mark your calendars



The Balkan Entertainment & Gaming Expo (BEGE Expo) and the Eastern European Gaming Summit (EEGS) celebrate their 10th anniversary this year. Due to the big interest for both events the organizers made two major announcements – BEGE will outspread in one more hall and EEGS will start one day earlier than the announced date.

Over 50 leading companies from the industry have already confirmed their presence for BEGE Expo 2017. Well-known leading manufacturers, amongst them being Novomatic, Casino Technology, EGT, Suzohapp, BetConstruct, Interblock, Merkur Gaming, APEX, Alfastreet Trade, Nsoft, JPL and CPI, as well as new participants, such as the leading sports betting company Bet3000 (IBA-Entertainment Ltd.), EXEFEED, Quixant, Zitro, Change Italia s.r.l., Gamebridge Casino Equipment, JCM Europe GmbH, nano Vo sp. Z o.o., Berkotech Kft. and others will exhibit their latest solutions at this year’s BEGE. The great interest for the event forced the opening of new hall, thus making the 10th edition of BEGE Expo the biggest so far.

The registration is already open so you wouldn’t want to miss the chance to register.

Another newness that BEGE Expo 2017 will present is the special Affiliate zone. Following the expansion of the online business in the region, this year the exhibiton will create space for online operators and affiliates from the region to interact and create business partnerships. Affiliate program providers will be able to book their own space in the zone and all affiliates will be admitted for free.


EEGS also promises to reach new heights this year. Reschedule your calendars, because EEGS 2017 will start on 20th of November – one day earlier than intended. This year’s EEGS will continue to follow its main aim – to present the most recent updates from the region, including the countries Serbia, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Slovenia, Montenegro, F.Y.R of Macedonia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey and Croatia.

Separate sessions will be dedicated to Sport Challenges, Impact on gaming operators by Anti-Money Laundering Act, GDPR and online gaming. Day 3 will be focused on Tourism & Gaming, Responsible Gaming Academy and marketing topics.

BEGE Expo and EEGS have gradually established as a center for the gaming and entertainment industry in Eastern Europe and for 10th year in a row will be the place where professionals from the field come in order to expand their business, exchange knowledge and promote new products. For any updates you may follow the official websites of the events: and


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Czech Republic

BetConstruct as lanyards sponsor of Prague Gaming Summit



We are delighted to announce the support of BetConstruct, who over the last year has shown a great commitment to bringing together industry peers and helping spread information about regulatory updates and hot topics. BetConstruct will be the exclusive lanyards and badge sponsor at Prague Gaming Summit, an inaugural event in one of the newly regulated gambling markets of Eastern Europe. The conference will take place between 8-9 June, 2017 at Andel’s by Vienna House Prague.

Below you will find the description of the company and make sure you contact them to set up a meeting in Prague, where you will get the opportunity to meet some of their representatives.

BetConstruct is an award-winning developer and provider of online and land-based gaming solutions with development, sales and service centers in 14 countries.
BetConstruct’s innovative and proven offerings include an extensive range of market-leading products and services, including Sportsbook, eSports, Sports Data Solutions, Retail Betting Shop Solutions, RNG Casino Suite & Live Dealer Casino,  VR Casino, Poker, Skill Games, Fantasy Sports, Social Platform and more.
All partners benefit from the BetConstruct Spring platform with its powerful back office tools and all-inclusive services that empower operators’ growth and help contain their costs. From stand-alone set up to turn-key and white label solutions, BetConstruct offers its partners unfettered opportunity to succeed.

For more information, please visit BetConstruct website at
+44 203 709 9010
[email protected]
[email protected]

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