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According to research, 44% of viewer reach on YouTube is associated with gaming videos with reportedly 100 billion hours of gaming being watched on YouTube in the last year.

Additionally, there are 44.2 million video gamers in the UK in 2021. With the number of gamers worldwide expected to grow to 3.07 billion by 2023, the gaming experts at AV Installations have analysed 75 of the most popular 2021 game trailers and over 105.3 million YouTube views to show the most in demand video games in 2021.

Creating a top 25 list for Playstation, Xbox & Nintendo game trailers, the study highlights the game trailers with the most YouTube views per console and the most popular gaming genre for each console. Before analysing all three lists to show the genre and game with the most likes across all 3 consoles.

The results show that Hogwarts Legacy on Playstation is the most anticipated game of 2021 according to YouTube trailer views with 22,743,604. This game trailer ranks number 1 for the top amount of views across all 3 consoles and all 75 game trailers reviewed in the study.

The top 3 is completed by two other Playstation game trailers, with Horizon Forbidden West achieving 11,972,411 views and Grand Turizmo 7 getting 10,197,114 views.

To see the most popular 25 gaming trailers of 2021 please see the chart below. For the full list of the top 10 game trailers for each console (Playstation, Xbox & Nintendo) please follow the link below. Please note, these lists were rounded up to the top 10.

The Most Popular Game Titles in 2021 According to YouTube Views