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In an eye-catching move, UK’s Gambling Commission (UKGC) has slapped a penalty of £600,000 on LeoVegas Casino, an online gambling operator. This is after an investigation by  UKGC has revealed a number of shortcomings in the casino’s functioning. The company has accepted the penalty.

The reasons for penalty

First, the biggest upset by the online casino is the fact of how poorly their self-exclusion system has coped. The system is supposed to allow players to voluntarily bar themselves from the online casino.

On the contrary, UKGC found that 1894 LeoVegas customers were sent marketing material whilst trying to avoid it all together.

The UK is trying to push for an industry-wide self-exclusion system called Gamstop. Similar to the one which has recently been modified in Italy, the self-exclusion system will be nation-wide. This will, in turn, make it easier for players to bar themselves from placing bets.

As of yet, the project plan of Gamstop has not yet been materialised.

Other charges

There were 11,205 customers who did not receive their deposit back after self-exclusion and closing their accounts. After failing to do so, LeoVegas Casino had to settle more than £14,000 to those individuals.

Now, we give you a quote from Neil McArthur, the Gambling Commission’s chief executive. He stated the following on the current situation the online casino finds itself in:

“The outcome of this case should leave no one in any doubt that we will be tough with licences holders who mislead consumers or fail to meet the standards we set in our licence conditions and codes of practice,”

“We want operators to learn the lessons from our investigations and use those lessons to raise standards.”

Source: European Gaming Media and Events