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The Most Popular Student Games

Gaming is one of the favorite hobbies among students. It’s their way to relax, have a great time, connect with other players, and more. However, all games are different, and each one of them gives young people a completely new experience. Some games keep coming back with new series and episodes, while others keep progressing and evolving along with the demand. Students are often loyal gamers who are prone to nostalgia. Even new games have a somewhat hard time competing with the established classics. So, let’s see the most popular games among students and why young people love them so much.


Of course, we can’t kick off such a list with anything but Minecraft. After all, this is the true gem for students of all ages, from kindergarten to college. It is a perfect platform to exercise your imagination and creativity, all in a playful, fun form. Though, some players take the game rather seriously. After all, the dedication and time it takes to build a whole universe prototype are higher than most school projects.

Indeed, Minecraft can be a game for years and years. Students open it seeking escape, inspiration, and a good time. It is a rare universe that lives by your own rules. Not every game allows you to build an entire world according to your liking and preferences. Plus, Minecraft has great additions for younger generations. These include educational games where students can test real lessons, from the laws of physics to coding instructions.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Everyone is familiar with the GTA series. This game has taken the world by storm. It has walked over all the boundaries and rules computer games tried to maintain in their early development days. In the GTA series, you can be whoever you want while also playing for the bad guy. Here, players had almost full freedom of action. They could steal cars, drive endless city streets, participate in criminal deals, and take on numerous side hustles along the main plot line.

Needless to say, the GTA games left a long-lasting impression on players (and their parents). So, when GTA 5 came out, the game already had its well-established, loyal audience waiting for it. Fortunately, it didn’t disappoint. The fifth game in the series met all the expectations and brought some positively met novelties to the gameplay. For example, this is the first game set in the open world. Plus, it has offered a number of new vehicles and machines to steal and drive, which players definitely appreciated. Overall, GTA 5 will remain among the top favorite student games for a while.


This open-world classic has been on everyone’s mind for over five years now. Most popular among students and teens, Fortnite is the leading game in its genre. In fact, it is one of the first metaverse games to exist today. Being the pioneer in such a genre, it has come a long way from yet another role-play game for kids.

So, Fortnite is the game that can transform the entire genre. First of all, today, Fortnite is an active platform in the eSport culture. There are literal tournaments held where people can watch other players and place bets. Such completion takes place during Battle Royal matches. However, players can do much more in Fortnite. Currently, it is also a platform for entertainment in the digital world. Thus, Fortnite often invites celebrities to hold talks or even create concerts.

Everyone in Fortnite can create their personal avatar, engage in numerous side quests, meet other players, play with the game, or just explore the world around them. The real-world imitation and the immersive atmosphere of the game create a truly impressive, fascinating experience.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II

Call of Duty is the never aging classic that deserves a place on such a list. Most games come and go, while CoD stands its ground. A never-ending series about wars and battles has equal success among its young and older fans. Some players have been playing these games for years, if not a decade! That’s a loyal fanbase right there.

Of course, as with any older game with numerous series over the years, CoD had faced some success stories and several failures. The latter were the results of experimentation to fit into the changing gaming industry and audiences’ preferences. However, why change things that work perfectly fine? The classic setup for each CoD game is simple and straight to the point. You fight for the good guys against the bad guys. The only thing that changes is the setting. You get to fight in different time periods and in different parts of the world and space.

The newest game also introduced a powerful multiplayer option that earned everyone’s attention. This is one of the reasons that keep CoD games so popular. Here, you can play against 100 other players to become the best in the battle. Before trying such gameplay, ensure you have completed all your tasks for the day. The battle will take a while. Perhaps, seek some Speedy Paper writing help just to make sure your homework doesn’t suffer from how good the new multiplayer is.