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Having shaken the European market with their micro lottery games and software offering, Honeypotlotto has opened an investor round seeking interested parties to participate in their latest growth strategy, obtaining a Northern Territory (NT) lottery licence in Australia.

The Australian start-up and ex-Maltese licensed on-line lottery has been shaking up the traditional lottery market since 2017 by offering their micro lottery format which provide more frequent smaller wins and better odds than the mega lotteries.

The company philosophy is a ‘small win goes a long way’.  Rodney Andriolo from Honeypotlotto is not shy in stating that the vision “is about understanding what your odds are, and we are all about small wins not big jackpots. Our games are easy to understand and play, exactly what the  lottery consumer is looking for in the digital age”

The quiet achievers have been expanding their software offering into the B2B market and a beta Raffle as a Service (RaaS) platform offering.  A first to market opportunity exists with Honeypotlotto “well positioned to launch its new offerings via an NT licence”.