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Las Vegas shooting‘s webmaster was in Las Vegas during the violent attack, which killed more than 50 people and injured over two hundred.

We were playing blackjack in the Lucky Dragon casino, with a group of people who work in the online casino world. One of the TV screens changed to a local news channel, with news about the shooting. We cashed out and managed to get an Uber to our hotel.

We were lucky to be able to get back to our hotel since we heard stories of other guests who were not able to get a taxi or an Uber. We are staying in the Monte Carlo casino, which is around a mile from where the shooting happened, but we did not have problems reaching the hotel using the back roads.

While we were in the Uber there was a lot of police going around. We saw a police car driving around with the boot open. Two police officers were sitting in the boot, ready to shoot.

Back in the Monte Carlo hotel and casino the table games were closed, and security would not let people leave the casino through the entrance on the Strip. People were not panicking, most guests who were still in the casino just gathered around TV screens.

At this moment I am just in my hotel room. News sources claim that all hotels and casinos at the Las Vegas strip are now on lockdown. So leaving the hotel is not an option.

It seems surreal to sit in my hotel room right now, so close to the where the attack happened. I go to music festivals regularly, two days ago I went to a concert of the Imagine Dragons here in Vegas. And before I went to Vegas, I checked out the Route 91 festival. Luckily it was already sold out at that time. is in Las Vegas for the G2E conference, which starts on Tuesday. The G2E is the most important conference in the casino-entertainment industry.

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