Teresa Guilherme joins the MGA Games Portuguese Celebrities family in Rainha da Pérsia
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MGA Games, specialists in localized slot games for global operators, continues to increase its online Portuguese Celebrities catalogue with the launch of Teresa Guilherme Rainha da Pérsia.

The new 5-reel title stars the famous television presenter and producer, Teresa Guilherme, who is very popular in Portugal. The new production, which incorporates the presenter’s original image and voice, is an adaptation of the game Queen of Persia which launched in international markets on May 30th.

MGA Games remains faithful to its roadmap for the internationalisation and marketing of its online slot games catalogue and continues to work on the launch of localized products that it adapts for each market. A job that poses many challenges but that the company has taken on and with great results.

Teresa Guilherme Rainha da Pérsia takes players on a journey full of adventures through an oriental fantasy land. There, the queen of the Persian empire fights to fulfil a mission: to defend Persia from the monster that threatens the city. Daggers, gems, chests, and goblets loaded with gold are some of the themed symbols with excellent graphic quality and animations that immerse players in this exotic, distant world with impressive landscapes to win great prizes.

The newly released 5-reel high volatility slot game has 243 paylines and gives prizes for the longest combinations of symbols from left to right. In addition it multiplies the prize by the number of times the symbol repeats on each reel.

One of the most notable mechanics of this game is the Wild Night option which randomly turns up to a maximum of 4 reels into Wild reels.

In addition, if players get three or more Scatter symbols, they can access one of the 4 Free Spins mini-games included in Teresa Guilherme Rainha da Pérsia. Every time a player enters the Free Spins selection screen the top counter increases. Accessing the mini-games a sufficient number of times unlocks the other Free Spins mini-games. Numerous prizes are waiting to be discovered: be it in the library filled with ancient tomes and grand prizes, the labyrinth of alleyways that seem to have no exit, under the awnings of the city where the final victory is disputed, or in the mysterious temple full of enigmatic statues that guard enormous treasures.

Teresa Guilherme Rainha da Pérsia also includes Wild symbols, which act as wild cards substituting all symbols on the reels (except for the Scatters) and double their value, an exciting feature for players.

The fascinating graphics, music, and audio featured in this game fully immerse players in this terrific new adventure making Teresa Guilherme Rainha da Pérsia one of casino players’ favourite games.

Since Monday, June 27th, all the Portuguese operators who collaborate with MGA Games have the new game in their casino slot game catalogue, much to the delight of their users.