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After being riding on the crest of a wave of success, Swedish gaming market seems to be in the slow lane again in 2017. Though the  Swedish market claims to be one of the most thriving iGaming jurisdictions in Europe,  its growth seems to be slow like the molasses in January. The turnover in 2017 elevated by 3.2 percent compared to 2016, reflecting slight growth compared to the same period during the previous year.

Non-Swedish players where the main contributors to the market’s evolution, continuing to gain market shares and sales of more than €546.1 million, rising 12.8 percent compared to 2016.

Meanwhile, Swedish players traded just under €1.7 billion after paid earnings, which is a deterioration of 0.5 percent compared to the previous year. Total turnover for the gaming market reached €2.24 billion after paid earnings in 2017.

As per the Svenska Spel (the top Swedish performer) reports turnover was nearly €893 million, a decrease of 0.1 percent compared to 2016. ATG, however, witnessed its turnover hike  3.1 per cent to €407.1 million.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events