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Spotlight Sports Group has launched the 2022 edition of ‘BetTech Ecosystem’, a research piece reviewing the major suppliers across the sports betting and iGaming industry.

Spotlight Sports Group (SSG), a global technology, content and media company specialising in sports betting and fantasy sports has today released its second review of the sports betting industry ‘BetTech Ecosystem 2022’.

After a positive response to the first edition, the 2022 version has been expanded by more than 60% with the visual now containing seven new sub-segments and 127 new suppliers. The BetTech Ecosystem graphic visualises the core six operational segments of the sector: platform providers, trading, e-commerce, data, content and iGaming. The number of service providers in each segment is as follows:

  • Content: 114 (New providers added to the BetTech Ecosystem +75% YOY)

  • iGaming: 80 (+56% YOY)

  • Platform Provider: 47 (+27% YOY)

  • E-commerce: 49 (+32% YOY)

  • Trading: 26 (+13% YOY)

  • Data: 70 (+63% YOY)

For 2022, the visual is supported by an industry report and new for this year is additional commentary from five industry leaders (Chris Grove – Eilers and Krejcik, Josh Brown – PwC Harry von Behr – Spotlight Sports Group, Nic Sulsky – PointsBet and Camilla Wright – RedKnot Communications). This year,  the panel discuss the value of the BetTech Ecosystem and where the industry is moving over the coming years in an exclusive webinar on Spotlight Sports Group’s YouTube channel.

The study was conducted internally by a team of Spotlight Sports Group researchers and with the support of independent industry experts. The research focuses on the regulated European and North American markets.

Discussing the second edition of the ‘BetTech Ecosystem’, Spotlight Sports Group Head of B2B Marketing, Alan Davis said: “We had an incredible response to last year’s BetTech Ecosystem and we’re delighted to be back with the 2022 version. This year we’ve made it bigger and better by expanding the visual and adding industry commentary.’’

Davis continued: “What we’ve found from this year’s research is that M&A might have slowed slightly but there is no lack of innovation in the industry. The visual continues to expand and while this is not definitive, we feel this gives a snapshot of the industry-leading into the new football seasons either side of the Atlantic.”