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Spectrum Gaming Group, a non-partisan consultancy that specialises in the economics, regulation and policy of legalised gambling worldwide is all set to extend its responsible gambling programme to cover online and sports wagering in the US.

Currently, gaming operators, regulators and legislatures in 36 US states and territories, as well as 47 countries around the world are receiving advisory and consulting work from the firm.

In association with the extended programme, Spectrum will now go hand in hand with Pieter Remmers, to help US gaming and lottery industries foster responsible gaming practices that specifically address online gambling and sports betting activities.

Remmers said: “My collaboration with Spectrum is designed to ensure that the expansion of US gaming continues to serve the public interest. We will be available to work with operators and governments that need assistance in developing responsible-gaming programmes that are tailored to online gaming, sports betting and other emerging opportunities.”

Michael Pollock, the Managing Director of Spectrum, added: “Gaming across the world, and particularly in the US, is entering new territory as states and tribal governments seek opportunities in emerging forms of gaming; responsible-gaming needs to be central to their plans. We have worked with Pieter in several important engagements around the world, and he can work with us in helping our clients – and the entire industry – develop those plans.”


Source: European Gaming Media and Events