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Relax Gaming: Technology supporting game innovation
Reading Time: 4 minutes


European Gaming caught up with Relax Gaming’s Marta Zogala, Senior Product Manager and Johan Jönsson, Casino Client Architect, about the phenomenal success of the company’s Dream Drop jackpots innovation and how its front-end integration solution Relax ApexⓇ made this possible.


Before we get started, talk us through Dream Drop’s success since its launch – what’s the story behind it and how popular has it been?

MZ: Dream Drop Jackpots has enjoyed fantastic success since its launch, much of which is owed to the meticulous research processes of our teams. When we set out to build Dream Drop, our scope was to first address several shortcomings that existed in the jackpot space, and then to inject our signature flare for excitement generation.

We sought to deliver on aspects of the mechanic that the current market couldn’t satisfy, such as must-drop features, engaging games beyond the jackpot functionality, providing big-ticket prizes, and generating more frequent fallouts than any other jackpot that exists. In four short months, we’ve had over 900,000 winners, including 35 Major, and three Mega. These are figures that would usually take years to achieve with other jackpot mechanics.

The frequent must-drop mechanic was built with both the traditional player group as well as the new demographic of jackpot players in mind. In recent years, we’ve experienced a drastic shift towards mobile, with players logging in more often but for shorter sessions and this sparked quite a few of our core ideas. We believe that the days of slow-growing and falling jackpots are over and our progressive jackpot is out to prove this.


Gaming innovation is a word spoken about plenty in the industry – but in your eyes, what translates a product innovation into operator and studio success?

JJ: I believe addressing needs is at the root of most successful innovations. An ideology we hold at Relax is founded on listening to our audience before developing the next novelty. By keeping that dialogue open between ourselves and operators, players, and streamers we’re able to identify what the market is lacking, which provides the first puzzle piece to satisfying them and the nucleus of the next big idea.

Following that, I think execution is key. You can have the best idea, but ultimately, without the technical know-how to bring it to market, you have nothing at all. At Relax, we emphasise that our technical foundations help us carve out our route to success by helping our studio partners and operators reach their targets. Relax ApexⓇ is a perfect example of this, providing quality-assured, fully-compliant content at speed with the added benefit of offering Relax Loyalty tools and promo campaigns, we’ve created an equation that brings each party closer to their goals.


Relax’s Apex has been mentioned multiple times as essential to making Dream Drop happen, how does it work and what makes it integral to Dream Drop?

JJ: Relax ApexⓇ works on a standardised integration system that we use to intercept and communicate with a game on a generic level. This allows us to produce content such as Dream Drop outside of the game while maintaining deep integration. In this way, the need for extra modifications to implement the mechanic is entirely removed, making it fast and easy. Through Relax ApexⓇ, we’re able to write the Dream Drop module a single time and deploy it among multiple games at once.


How much do you see regulatory overlays, such as Relax Apex, being integral to the future success of game features?

MZ: Relax ApexⓇ is vital to our future growth in regulated markets. It allows us to extrapolate and create abstractions on a level that simply was not possible before. The infrastructure not only provides regulatory overlays, but also integrates new features into existing games such as in the case of the Dream Drop Jackpots and our upcoming promotional portfolio.

This just scratches the surface of our future plans for the framework. We look forward to sharing more soon and continuing to break barriers in the industry!


Given the current regulatory environment in Europe – how much will products like Relax Apex prove to be a key differentiator?

MZ: Compliance and speed-to-market for new jurisdictions are currently some of the biggest challenges being faced by businesses operating in the iGaming industry. A single automated solution that enables fast and easy adaptation to new requirements is sure to become imperative to the future of our landscape. Having an overlay of this kind offers security for Relax and our partners while giving our operators the confidence to distribute content widely.

JJ: Products like Relax ApexⓇ lift the regulatory burden off game producers, allowing them more time to focus on the quality of their content, while saving operators time by reducing their game-by-game QA duties and bulk of compliance implementation. If the current regulatory landscape is anything to go by, software of this kind will become key differentiators sooner than we think.


Last but not least – talk us through the future of compliance for major platform providers and game studios like Relax, how do you plan to continue staying ahead of the curve?

JJ: In the gaming industry, you need to keep moving to keep up. Regulations will only increase and more measures are bound to emerge that will alter the way we produce content time and again. A well-oiled machine is imperative to continue adapting, improving and innovating, which involves having sound technical foundations, compliance experts at hand, and talented creatives at the core.

By utilising the latest technologies and creative initiatives such as Relax ApexⓇ, our developers are able to prepare and face the challenges with sufficient knowledge and adapt to unforeseen scenarios.

MZ: In fact, this is also how the idea of Relax ApexⓇ was born; we looked at how we could organically build a technology-driven solution to our own issues and explored growing it to span those of our operators and studio partners. The result is a framework that empowers our partners and our teams to keep pushing the limits of iGaming.