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Police and military personnel apprehended two in Chiang Rai’s Muang district charging them of operating illegal gambling through slot machines which were a look-alike of karaoke jukeboxes.

Following a confidential information received, a  group of police officers accompanied by military officials invaded a shop in Tantichai market in Muang district. As per the tipoff, the shop had installed several slot machines fashioned like karaoke jukeboxes to keep the police at bay.

The raiding officials found the shopkeeper, identified as Arkor Chemue, 58, in the shop, along with 196 chips and 2,085 baht cash. He was booked in charge of operating illegal gambling.

While the officials were taking note of the arrest, a man named Somchai Rithimahun, showed up at the site who claimed to be the co-partner of the shop, and presented a license to operate a karaoke business as an evidence of the legitimacy of his business.

He also claimed that the slot machines were actually karaoke jukeboxes for vendors and people in the market who love singing to enjoy a sing-along with the music from the jukeboxes.

However, he could not convince the officials and  Somchai was apprehended on account of operating illegal gambling.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events