OPERA GAMBLING. A new company at the service of the operators of the GAME sectorReading Time: 2 minutes


OPERA GAMBLING is a company focused on the commercialization of value-added products for the gaming sector, providing proximity and ease of management to the Operators.

In the words of Alberto Ruiz-Ocaña, CEO of OperaGambling: “Our mission is to be the bridge of technological union between Europe and Latin America for the gaming sector, using Spain as a link between both markets.”

In a first phase we will deploy products in Spain due to the fact that it is one of the markets with the strictest regulation, which allows us to validate the adaptability of our suppliers. On the other hand, Spain is a reference market in Europe and Latin America where we have extensive experience and knowledge.

With the incorporation of Ramón Ruiz-Ocaña as a director of operations, there is a new chapter beginning, focused on getting the best solutions for the gaming sector in both Spain, Latin America and Europe into the market.

The success of our model, validated in other business environments, lies in understanding the differences between markets by considering them in its three fundamental aspects:

Economic: We take into account all aspects of each market as differentiated and distinctive as its means of payment, currency, forms of payment, investment models, etc.

Regulatory: We contemplate not only the existing regulation but its variability and compliance, collaborating with very specific law firms for each task.

Cultural: It is the most important aspect and the most common reason of failure for many companies in their deployment in third countries. Until now our success has been based on the open attitude and understanding of how and what works in each market, taking into account the culture of its people, helping them to adapt their company´s philosophy and the product accordingly to the different markets.

In this connection, we have selected a line of products which quality or novelty makes those the most interesting ones for the game operators and we will publish as soon as the products are certified and adapted to the Spanish regulations.

Finally, and perhaps as an important added value, we provide Spanish operators with both physical and cultural/idiomatic proximity as a key element to streamline and provide the most effective business and personal relationship.

Source: European Gaming Media
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