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The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) has conducted an analysis to assess how the EGBA’s new Responsible Advertising Code fits in comparison with the national advertising rules in 15 selected European countries. EASA was mandated by EGBA to conduct the analysis.

The analysis found that the measures introduced by EGBA’s Code are broadly consistent and congruent with national requirements on gambling advertising. In some of the countries, the Code was even found to be overall stricter than the applicable national provisions, with certain parts of the Code considered to be more specific in nature.

EGBA believes the Code can, therefore, reinforce and strengthen existing national regulations for online gambling advertising in European countries.

“This initial analysis demonstrates how EGBA’s Code can already strengthen responsible advertising measures in a number of European countries. We’re very pleased that EGBA members are committed to apply the Code and demonstrate their commitment to responsible advertising. With its dedicated measures for social media and minor protection, the Code will drive industry standards for responsible advertising and help strengthen consumer protection for European citizens,” Maarten Haijer, Secretary-General of EGBA, said.


Source: EGBA