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The Spanish company MGA Games, one of the largest online slot game developers, has started a programme of innovative online game demos for its casino operators. Every month, the company invites its partners to connect online and preview the latest games before they launch in the market.

With MGA Games never ceasing to surprise, these presentations are a great opportunity to showcase new games, receive feedback from customers and get them more involved in the product.

In some of the first demos, operators were pleasantly surprised to meet the actual real-life celebrities from the games featured in the demos. In one of the presentations, the famous Yola Berrocal made a surprise appearance where she explained stories about the making of Yola Berrocal Wild West. She told operators how much she had enjoyed collaborating with MGA Games and wished them all success.

Another of the surprise guests was the author of the Toi characters, Jordi Català, who, present in the Toi Planet demo, claimed to have “laughed a lot and was moved” by the presentation. As the author, he thanked and congratulated MGA Games for bringing the Toi characters to the world of casino slot games and maintaining their original personalities. Quite a challenge achieved by a great team.

The programme of demos that MGA Games has started is a response to the specialised and quality service that the company offers to all its customers. The presentations will continue to take place every month, with new surprises and actions.