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Maxima DataVault has received certification to offer its industry-leading SAFE data vault solution to operators in Spain.

The product, which launched earlier this year across a range of regulated markets, makes it easier than ever for operators to send raw XML or JSON data, which is then adapted into the format required by the regulator to store gambling transactions.

Antonio Zanghi, CEO of Maxima Compliance, said: “We have spoken to many operators in Spain who were not happy with their current data and reporting solution. They were either struggling with in-house platforms which had become time-consuming to maintain, or were using costly third-party solutions which didn’t meet their precise needs.

“Now Maxima DataVault is certified in Spain, we can offer a seamless and affordable SAFE product to operators in the market, allowing them to focus on other aspects of their business secure in the knowledge that their data reporting is in safe hands.”

Maxima DataVault is supported by an in-house team of developers and technical analysts which has been working tirelessly for the past two years to create a certified solution that can be adopted in all markets that require a SAFE.

By optimising the cross-jurisdictional analysis of the data required by all regulators, as well as the encryption and compression methodologies requested, Maxima DataVault delivers a powerful and lean system at a competitive price point.

The system significantly reduces the number of incorrect messages sent and provides greater visibility and better tools to track not only the data sent by the operator, but also that which is sent by every individual B2B supplier – solving the age-old problem of not knowing what one’s partners send and what tax an operator might be liable for.

Maxima DataVault comes with the support of the now 40-strong team of technical and regulatory compliance analysts at Maxima Compliance, which can facilitate entry into any regulated market, from the initial licence acquisition process, through to managing the certification process with an existing laboratory, to the ongoing handling of day-to-day compliance duties.