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With growing concern over the vulnerabilities of passwords protecting users’ accounts both regulators and operators are pushing for the adoption of Multi-Factor Authentication. The problem is that conventional multi-step MFA requires users to obtain a separate login code either from a third-party authenticator app or a text message. The resultant friction is causing a big increase in login failures – only 85 to 95% of login attempts are successful.

Today, MIRACL is announcing that the login success rate of its single-step MFA in consumer-facing gambling applications is an amazing 99.8%, a level unmatched by any other authentication solution in the market, let alone any multi-factor system.

Fast, frictionless logins are vital for gaming, where the ease and joy of the user experience is essential to the success of any product. As pressure mounts on the industry to install multi-factor authentication (MFA) on all platforms and games, understanding the options to implement this in the most efficient way couldn’t be more important.

When it comes to MFA, MIRACL streamlines the user experience with a single-step, using a simple 4-6 digit PIN or biometric to authenticate. Despite being MFA, there’s no need for a second step or separate device so the user experience is seamless – no bets are lost, no frustration for users. The platform maximises profit potential and customers are happy with the easy login process.

Rob Griffin, CEO at MIRACL comments, “This latest data proves what we at MIRACL have known for a long time. Our single-step multi-factor authentication is the ideal solution for gaming and gambling platforms – customers aren’t lost at the critical entry point meaning as many bets are placed as possible, and not lost to competitors. In this competitive market, every bet counts so ensuring you are using the smoothest login possible is critical for maximising your business’ potential.”

And its not just the login success rate that tells the story.  One gambling app customer using MIRACL’s single-step login, grew sales in their app tenfold in just 12 months. Conversions increased by 100% – converting more than 75% of site visitors to registered players. Traffic increased over 30% month on month for six months. And what’s more, because of the simplicity of the login process, it worked across a diverse range of digital literacy levels.

MIRACL is the world’s only one-step MFA provider. It can easily be integrated into current platforms and is a low cost verification option. It boasts clients such as Experian, Domino’s and Cashfac and has been licensed by big tech names such as Google and Microsoft. Mylottohub in Nigeria has recently become Africa’s #1 Lotto app.