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International Gaming Standards Association Announces Creation of a Payment Standards Committee
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The International Gaming Standards Association (IGSA) has announced the creation of a Payment Standards Committee. Aristocrat Gaming,, Oregon Lottery and Playtech are the first members to join this committee.

The Payment Standards Committee will seek to create a series of standards governing online, mobile and other payments for all segments of the global gaming industry. The Payment Standards Committee will explore all avenues of payments to ensure that regulators have world-class, clear guidance on how to ensure their jurisdiction is protected at the highest level against fraud, theft and other illicit activities.

“Regulators from all over the globe are constantly asking for guidance on how to create a safer payments landscape for their operators. This committee will assure our members that we will protect our Industry. I am proud of the Board of Directors to have embraced this project so rapidly since the arrival of our new Chairman, Earle G. Hall. Earle’s quest is to ensure payments are a shining source of new revenue for our Industry whilst protecting the regulators and operators with a world-class standard. We invite the industry to join us,” Peter DeRaedt, President of IGSA, said.