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iGaming event iGB Affiliate Awards London was supposed to take place in February 2022 but it has been postponed due to the current Covid-19 situation. At the moment it looks like the event will happen sometime in April 2022 but the final dates have not been published yet.

The Awards organizer Clarion Gaming announced the postponement on December 17th. Stuart Hunter, the managing director of Clarion Gaming, confirmed that the decision was made together with cooperating operators and they will announce the new iGB Affiliate Awards dates as soon as possible.

iGB Affiliate Awards

iGB Affiliate Awards is one of the biggest annual gatherings in iGaming and it welcomes sportsbook and casino professionals from all over the world. These kinds of award ceremonies are much more than just measuring who is the best performer. They are about meeting people, making new partnerships and building long lasting relationships personally and professionally.

Last year the iGBA Awards were hosted online. People working in iGaming are used to virtual encounters and sometimes it might take years to meet someone in person, even if you would be in touch on a daily basis. That’s why these events are so important. Even though the Award postponement was a bummer, it’s still a better option to take a rain check than cancel the whole event.

2022 shortlist

As every other award, iGB Affiliate Awards announces the official shortlist before the actual ceremony. The 2022 shortlist contains almost 20 categories, including nominations for marketing affiliates, gaming brands and supporting operators.

Last year the nominations were divided between market leaders and smaller affiliates, and it seems this year is following the same trend. Affiliate companies like Raketech and Better Collective are familiar names on shortlists but there is still room for newcomers like

It’s great that fairly new companies are acknowledged as well. For example, Good Luck Media was founded in 2018 and they were already shortlisted in 2021. This year they were nominated for the ‘Best Casino Affiliate’ and the ‘Rising Star’ awards. Following a huge success in Finland, Good Luck Media has now turned their other eye towards the U.S markets by building up their brand.

The iGBA Awards also gives personal recognition for a job well done. There are 10 talented and innovative nominees on the ‘Best Affiliate Manager’ shortlist. These people, like Andreza Majela from Campeón Gaming and Agni Raitar from Yolo Gaming to name a few, are at the top of the industry.

But as we know now, all these iGB Affiliate Awards nominees will have to wait a little longer to know who actually wins the titles. Rearrangements have already started and even though it takes a lot of resources to postpone something this big, this was the only responsible option. And who knows, maybe even more iGaming professionals can join the celebrations in April if the world situation has drastically improved.


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