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Online Video Gaming Company GamerSaloon has announced the re-launch of its competitive esports team Dot City Gaming (DCG). Founded in 2017, the team featured some of the top Madden players in North America and competed at the highest level in the game.

GamerSaloon plans to relaunch the team with a mission to “put the sports back in esports” and focus on the crossover demographic of traditional sports fans and sports gamers. The new DCG roster will feature competitive and content creators from Madden, FIFA, NHL NBA2K, and iRacing communities backed by some of the biggest sponsors in the sports and entertainment world.

“We are very excited to be re-launching the Dot City Gaming esports team. This will be an amazing way to strengthen our existing 1.5M strong community of gamers and position ourselves as a global esports leader in the sports game genre,” Gabe Rubin, CEO and Founder of GamerSaloon, said.