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Gamer Advantage, eyewear manufacturer specialising in blue-light filtering gaming glasses, is expanding its presence into new territories as it announces its entry into the European market from today, across more than 25 new countries.

As part of this launch, two signature lens options will be made available across Europe, the Sleeper Lens and Suppressor Lens. Their custom-made lens comes in non-prescription, prescription, and readers.

The flagship, near-clear Sleeper Lens is for the dedicated gamer, or those who spend 8+ hours in front a screen daily. Gamer Advantage’s proprietary filtering absorbs harmful blue light emitted by your screen to protect gamers’ eyes in the best way possible, while seeing true colour. Benefits of using this range include reduced fatigue and relaxed vision throughout the day – helping gamers perform at their highest level.

For the casual gamer, or those who spend 4+ hours a day in front of a screen, Gamer Advantage developed the completely clear Suppressor Lens. This lens absorbs harmful blue light to a moderate level, geared toward improving productivity and focus.

All lenses are finished with a premium hard coating for increased durability, anti-reflective coating to reduce glare and a water and dirt repellent coating for easy maintenance. As with all Gamer Advantage glasses, these are manufactured in optical labs to clinical standards.

“Our mission is to genuinely improve the well-being of gamers and we are striving to provide a scientifically backed solution that supports the global gaming community with better performance. Over the last few years, we have built loyal fans in numerous territories, including North America and the UK, and are excited for our expansion into Europe as part of our ambitions of reaching new markets,” Bryan Reedy, Founder and CEO of Gamer Advantage commented, “We won’t stop until every gamer across the world has access to our game-changing technology that protects gamer’s vision and supports their well-being. Better sleep means better health and performance.”

Other products available in Europe include the bestselling Inferno, a true classic rectangle frame that’s part of the sun-clip collection, based upon tried and tested style icons and supplied with additional magnetic sunglass clips; the new eco-friendly Walden, Arbor and Terra ranges with bio-degradable frames; and Horizon, a 75% lighter, hyper-flexible and ultra-comfortable frame, whilst still featuring their proprietary light absorbing lens technology.

Gamer Advantage’s eyewear products range from £89-£189 in price, depending on the model and lens options. All models are also available to order from the Gamer Advantage website with the customer’s own prescription.

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