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GamCare has published the latest recommendations for addressing gambling related debt, calling for better referral pathways between sectors to support those experiencing harm.

According to the data published by the National Gambling Treatment Service and built upon by GamCare’s own workshop, six out of 10 people who sought help for gambling problems had debts because of their addiction – with 2% being insolvent.

Some risk becoming homeless or having housing problems due to the issues surrounding gambling-related debt – which GamCare highlights as one of the main factors for its new recommendations.

The workshop that led to the list of recommendations was made up of 60 attendees, with experts from Lloyds Bank, Bristol University, PayPlan, Step Change and Citizens Advice all giving further insight.

Emma Gibbons, Vulnerable Client Lead at PayPlan, said: “As part of our partnership, we have a specialist advice team in place who work closely with GamCare, ensuring a ‘tell us once’, confidential and tailored approach to client’s needs.

“We’ve ensured that all of our operational staff have received GamCare’s training, to understand the indicators and barriers clients tackling gambling-related financial harm often face.”

Katie Fry, Project Development Manager at Citizens Advice, said: “By directly referring people to GamCare we can quickly get them the right support they need to move forward with their problems.”