Gambling is making many Kenyans poorer than they were beforeReading Time: 1 minute

Gambling and sports betting has hit Kenya and many are losing huge amounts in their hunt for quick cash. 

Winning a Sportpesa Mega jackpot of Ksh221 000 000 and a Lotto Jackpot of 100,000,000/- is a dream of every Kenyan; be it a working class, a hustler, a student and even a street person.

Waking up with such a huge chunk of money is the sweetest thing ever in life, but the problem is that gambling is a game of luck where only a few succeed.

You might be lucky like the Kibera Man who won a whooping Ksh230 million plus but you can also be unlucky like my uncle who got his Ksh30,000 monthly salary and decided to invest it back into betting with a possible win of Ksh850000, but  one team failed his bet by managing a goalless draw instead of home team getting a direct win hence his monthly salary was gone not knowing where to start from.

Gambling is taking a risk and luck hence youths must start engaging in activities which can better their lives of tomorrow instead of losing the little amount of money they have for the sake of placing multi bets.

You cannot invest less and expect huge returns, that is the point Kenyans must understand because ultimately you must lose.

Sadly enough, many people even borrow money from friends and family claiming that they have urgent problems just to end up losing that all amount in gambling.

Even students now gamble with their school fees just to end up losing and some even commit suicide. Gamble only when you have nothing to lose even if you have lost. For average Kenyans, gambling will make you poorer than you were before.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events