Frank Casino’s New Branded Slot Game


We have something exciting to tell you because Frank Casino has just released a new Branded Slot Game called Frank City Robberies. In this game, you get to follow our hero as he hunts down three beautiful robbers and their alleged gang leader.

Your adventure takes place in Frank City, a town where thugs and criminals roam freely under the dark of night. The goal is to collect clues to find more information about the robberies and their boss, so they can be caught and brought to justice. All in Frank City Robberies.

You and the detective, get your chance at this as soon as you collect 3 scatters or more, and hit the bonus round. Then it’s time to decide where to look for the beautiful robbers. You have 4 areas to choose from, so choose wisely and get that big win.

Silver place

This is the bar where it happens. If you want to know what’s hot and happening on the streets, Silver place is where it’s at. The bartender has surely heard something and you might pick up a clue or two along the way. In Silver place, you get 10 spins and your final winnings are multiplied by 5.

Gold street

If you are looking to shoot some hoops and enjoy some beats, this is the street for you. In the heart of hiphop culture, Gold is your perfect place to get to know some people in the neighborhood that might just help you out further on. If you’re really lucky, this is the spot to find an informant. On Gold street, you get 15 spins with random symbols that can turn characters into multipliers of x2-x5.

Platinum palace

It’s time to get fancy. The champagne is flowing in the world of the rich and powerful. Brokers and business men will do anything to be on top of their game, and we mean anything. Someone here will surely know something. It will only take the tiniest nudge to make them turn on each other. In Platinum palace, you get 20 spins with rolling reels where the multiplier can hit x5 for some amazing wins.

Dark side

This is where you really have to watch your back. The kings of the underworld dwell here and you will surely find the gang leader nearby. The Dark side gives you 25 spins and any of the characters could turn into wilds, at any time.

This is a game with a lot of twists and turns so prepare yourself for a wild ride, and join us, in Frank City.


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