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Camelot Group, the operators of the UK National Lottery revealed that after the National Lottery suffered a hacking attack at least 150 of their accounts were accessed.The accounts have been compromised in what could be addressed as a  major cybersecurity breach.

In view of this, the National Lottery has been alarming its 10.5 million players to change their passwords promptly, though there are no reports of any money being withdrawn or deposited from affected player accounts. Moreover, the operator said that no bank details have been taken so far.

In association, Camelot said:“We have directly contacted those players whose accounts have been affected. We are advising players to change their password as a precaution, particularly if they use the same password across multiple websites.”

As per a spokesman for the company, since March 7th, when the hacking attack appeared to have begun, the activity has been extremely low level and very sporadic, and almost indistinguishable from the normal player activity.

“We would like to reassure our players that we do not display full debit card or bank account details on their online National Lottery accounts. We have suspended all of the affected accounts and have directly contacted these players to help them re-activate their accounts securely,” he added.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events