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American Leisure Holdings, Inc. which develops vacation real estate in Orlando and Florida has widely  expanded their access to technology and operational support areas via nodding an agreement with Thunder Gaming.  This agreement seems to be an added advantage for both Thunder Gaming and AMLH.

AMLH currently  has access to one of the largest production sites in the country as well as the most sophisticated technology for the production of Esports products and events.

Esports has emerged as a new medium for associating  with gaming operations. Infact the medium outshines the sports realm. It is called “sports” because “hero gamers” being recognised by masses of fans, follow  them on digital media and log in to view them in action.  These key gamers are idolised, and have a huge array of fan-following such as the  sports heroes like Michael Jordan, and LeBron of traditional sports.  It is a small wonder for a hero to have thousands, even tens of thousands, of people logged on to watch them play a game. The revenue stream is from the advertising that is presented during the games, split between the gamer and the distribution channel.  AMLH is now advancing aggressively into the distribution realm which holds unlimited revenue potential.

In 2018, the global Esports audience will exceed 250 million users, and the millennials make up 69% of American Esports fans.  The market currently generates $1.1 billion in revenue worldwide, and is projected to approach $1.5 billion by 2020, a 20% annual increase.

GG Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of AMLH, has been selected to manage and to produce three highly visible events in the next three months.  These events are premier gatherings of key players in the Esports gaming operations.  GG Media will receive payment for managing these operations, but more importantly they will develop invaluable contacts and obtain access to the leaders of this rapidly developing industry.

GG Media will have a unique opportunity to discuss their Esports content development and the events that are currently being managed by GG Media personnel with a wide variety of agencies, brand managers and industry leaders in the Esports industry.

The AMLH CEO, Christian Bishop, will lead the GG Media team for these events.

The three events are:

March 6, 2018:  Esports Activate, Sony PlayStation Theater, Times Square, New York City.

Esports Activate is designed for brands, marketers, media buyers and advertisers to better understand how to “activate” their media, experiential, digital and sponsorship dollars in Esports and Competitive Video Gaming.

This industry is moving at a speed and intensity that is unparalleled in entertainment business and in reaching Millennials and GenZ.  This further intersection between brands and Esports organisation offers valuable opportunities for increased revenue streams for the Esports industry.

As the Media Sponsor at Esports Activate, GG Media will demonstrate their broadcast, tournament, and activation capabilities through the new Thunder Esports Center.

April 2, 2018:  Xlive Esports Summit, Los Angeles, CA

The XLIVE Esports Summit is the first senior level forum of its kind that will bring together Esports industry stakeholders and traditional professional sports franchises to discuss the impact that Esports will have on the future of the sports and entertainment industries.

This event will convene Esports team owners/players, venue operators, tournament organisers, broadcasters, sponsors, agencies, legal experts, consultants, product developers, venture capitalists with professional sports teams investing in Esports for an intimate event focused on the business and technological evolution of the rapidly evolving Esports market.

This event will be monumental since many traditional sports enterprises have reached, or are approaching, their maximization of revenue streams utilizing current operational principles.  This is evident by the slow, but steady, reduction in viewers of professional sports especially with the younger generations.

Esports will provide new participation venues to the young people who will be users of the technology for decades to come.  It will become a major, and badly needed, future revenue stream to the professional, multi-billion dollar sports enterprises.

April 24, 2018, Cynopsis – Esports Unfront, New York.

April 12 8:30am – 10:30am

New York Athletic Club, NYC

Source: European Gaming Media and Events