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Prague – 26 February 2018 – With just 30 days to go until the second edition of Prague Gaming Summit kicks off, we are excited to announce a fully packed speaker lineup with many leading experts of the industry.

In 2017, the new amendments in the Polish gambling law have entered into force. Operators have found themselves either blacklisted or dealing with heavy paperwork and more announced amendments.

Poland is one of the most restrictive markets in Europe, but apparently the changes to the Polish gambling regulations introduced last year were quite beneficial to the licensed betting operators and helped them almost double their turnover in comparison to the previous years.

The latest announced moderator is going to make sure that delegates will gain insights into how running an operation in Poland can have its perks by driving the conversation between Piotr Dynowski (Bird&Bird), Anna Wietrzynska-Ciolkowska (DLA Piper), Tony Las (Superbet Poland) and Adam Warlewski (Superbet Poland)

The panel will shed light on the state of the Polish gambling market and will also explain what are the key aspects that you need to consider when entering the market.

About the moderator (Bogdan Coman)

Bogdan Coman is the Executive Director of ROMBET and has a rich activity in the gambling industry, which he joined once graduation from the Bucharest Academy of Economic Studies, Bogdan Coman contributes to the good work of the Rombet Association through the experience of planning and organizing activities in the field of gambling. He built national projects, led complex teams, and was responsible for meeting performance indicators in the companies he worked for or collaborated with.

Prague Gaming Summit is a must attend event which is limited to 125 seats.

Make sure you register in order to get a chance to networking with the representatives of Fortuna Group Entertainment, Sazka, Superbet, NetEnt, Cubits, Payout s.r.o., Nmi Gaming, Data Bet, Pangea Localization Services, PMU, BMM Testlabs, ROMBET, All-In Translations, Trustly, Betgenius, Endorphina, Vemantia and much more.


To meet Bogdan in person, make sure you register and attend Prague Gaming Summit 2018, held on the 29th of March at Andel’s by Vienna House Prague.

Visit the official website of the event for more details:

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