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Online gambling operator BetVictor has partnered with global information and insights company TransUnion.

Central to the partnership will be BetVictor’s implementation of TransUnion’s ground-breaking Affordability Solution for Gaming, a suite of tools designed to boost consumer protection in gambling.

The new solution uses individual-level financial data and industry-recognised scores built by TransUnion, along with sociodemographic and property data. Combined, this can provide BetVictor with a much deeper understanding and a more holistic view of its customers’ affordability levels.

“TransUnion is delighted to support BetVictor in ensuring responsible gaming through smarter decision-making. Designed specifically for the iGaming market, our new Affordability Solution for Gaming uses cutting-edge modelling and analytics to provide a holistic view of the customer. By generating an assessment and assigning a rating, it will help BetVictor to identify the financial stress and potential vulnerability of players at any point in the customer journey,” Adam Hancox, head of gaming at TransUnion in the UK and Europe, said.

“Using granular-level, real-time data, TransUnion’s tool will provide BetVictor with the most up-to-date view of its players, helping to inform fair, responsible decisions whilst also complying with industry regulations and providing a clear audit trail,” Adam Hancox added.

“BetVictor’s vision is to add excitement to sports and casino by providing a safe environment to enjoy gambling responsibly. We are serious about keeping the customer safer, and integrating TransUnion’s tool is a further data source that can help us understand our customers and build a more accurate customer profile, especially when it comes to a customer’s affordability,” Rob Smith, chief legal and compliance officer of BetVictor, said.

“We’ve looked at a number of solutions over the past six months and TransUnion’s Affordability Solution for Gaming was the only one that provides qualified information from a wide variety of data sources that can help develop our customer profiles. This allows us to make customer assessments at scale and we’re extremely pleased with our continued partnership with TransUnion,” Rob Smith added.