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BETEGY: Exclusive Americas interview with Phil McIntyre


With two of the betting and gaming industry’s most prestigious awards for innovation under its belt, BETEGY has fast-established itself as one of the world’s most exciting tech brands in gaming and broadcast.

As the company gears up for signing a string of big-name broadcast and betting operator deals, we sat down with newly-appointed EVP Sales America, Phil McIntyre, to talk through his plans for bringing even more exciting innovation to the Americas.


To get started, congratulations on your recent appointment to EVP Sales America for BETEGY! Can you tell us a bit about your career and what you’ll be bringing to the table at BETEGY?

Thank you so much!  I’ve spent much of my professional career in content production, working in sales leadership roles in private companies executing live action, editorial, design, visual effects, animation, audio and interactive solutions on behalf of big-brand global clients.

For the past 20 years, I have worked across partnerships and ownership, but given my passion for the job, I’ve never left the front lines of sales – through complex, strategic and technical ideas, to telling stories and solving client problems.  Of course, this spans wherever professional content lives, such as on-air, television, feature films, online, mobile and the metaverse.

I have always been attracted to innovators and leaders, whether it was in commercial advertising or Fortune 500 media consulting, and I believe a big part of my success has been behind surrounding myself with smarter and more creative minds.  My personal challenge was to always constantly LEARN and to open verticals, make markets, where they were not 100% evident or even closed – it has always been my desire to knock barriers down and be the first to get there. Competition has always been part of what I do given I was a college athlete, which I could say that means it’s in my constitution!

I was attracted to BETEGY for this very reason.  A company with a determined leader with entrepreneurial moxie and a timely product to sell.  These are dangerous ingredients that when attached to elevated strategic thinking, smart capital and hard work ethics, there really isn’t anything that can’t be achieved. I’m really excited to be part of the team and I can’t wait to begin contributing to the company’s fantastic future.


BETEGY has certainly had some outstanding success this year with award wins and new operations in the Americas, can you tell us more about your company’s growth and your vision for the market?

Our product messaging has had excellent sell-through amongst many of the major media companies across the TV, streaming and publishing landscape.  They see the value of our platform in its ability to operate intelligently, intuitively and at scale.  Department heads in production, creative, editorial , mobile and interactive see the cost savings across their balance sheet, whether that’s hardware, software or peopleware, and moreover via fully understanding the immediacy of this return on investment that BETEGY can provide.

At this point in time, we occupy a fantastically niche area of the market, making us one of the few that can deliver with the technology we offer. We’ve got great potential across both North and South America, and we’re very much looking forward to showcasing what makes us the best as SBC Latinoamerica in Miami at the start of November next week.


Looking to the launch of BETEGY On-Air, which recently netted Innovation of the Year at the SBC Awards held in Barcelona, why do you believe the product has been so game-changing for operators and broadcasters?

It’s a true disruptor in almost every way and the timing is absolutely perfect.  The vastness of these legacy and institutional systems that we see in the broadcast market at this point means we’re perfectly positioned to truly disrupt the current status quo.

We initially come over the top to showcase how we can really make a difference, and then segway into these organizations with our incredible UX and immediately solve pain points in workflows as well as cross department cooperations.  This ensures we can quite quickly prove ourselves with reasonable integration timelines, flexible account management support and rolling innovations with real-time dialogue with our clients about their business.


Looking to LatAm – what key messages would you like to share ahead of upcoming trade shows about how BETEGY is here to make an impact?

We understand the power of Hispanic Media and its growth trajectory. Having worked previously in Central and South America, we are well positioned to leverage business with the likes of TelevisaUnivison, Telemundo,  beIN Sports & TV Azteca.  We also see the expansive landscape of sportsbooks in Latin America and with our history in soccer (football!) across Europe we understand how to market to this hugely passionate audience.


Last but not least, what’s BETEGY’s vision for 2023 across the Americas and how do you plan to continue positioning the company as one of the industry’s most outstanding innovators?

Our plan is to roll out our products in the sports media arena by showcasing incredible product demos amongst all the major players as well as those in-between.  From integrations with our digital solutions across landing pages and banners, to the BETEY On-Air toolkit, our dashboard allows producers to tell a far more integrated and engaging message to their audiences.  This is exciting for both the companies and of course, the end consumer! We’re really excited to keep going with the brilliant legacy we’ve started when it comes to being one of the most innovative providers out there.