Betcris sponsors 9 teams in the Liga Betcris of Honduras


Starting 2022 strong and after signing the sponsorship alliance the Betcris League of Honduras and in search of new horizons, Betcris has made the decision to sponsor 9 teams of the Betcris League of Honduras.

For the sake of growing soccer in our country and with the commitment to the league that they have proudly acquired as a brand, Betcris has formalized the decision to be sponsors of: Motagua, Marathon, Vida, Real España, Real Sociedad, Platense, Victoria, UPNFM and Honduras Progreso.

With this strategic move, Betcris reiterates its commitment to the development of soccer and sports in general in Honduran territory. “For us, this new step we are taking is a source of pride, as we are sponsors of clubs with a great historical tradition and we know they have a lot to offer locally and internationally, and we thank each of the teams that has made this possible,” he said. Rafael Granja, head of new markets at Betcris.