Best Horse Racing Themed Slot Games


Horse racing is one of the biggest sports within the industry. Therefore, it shouldn’t be surprising at all that it managed to make its way into the slots gaming world too, as it is exactly what betting enthusiasts want and need at the end of the day, isn’t it-another route of gambling. Some of these slot games are based on real horse racing meetings and festivals, meaning you can get super realistic with the way you game, it isn’t all based on the generic themes that most slot games tend to follow these days. Which means more authentic fun for you!

Curious as to what these best racing horse themed slot games are? Make sure you continue reading, as we have bold titles to add to your slot gaming routine right now.

Sure Win

The first of the slot titles we have to suggest is Sure Win. Coming from the pioneers of slot games Microgaming, this game puts you right in on the action, from the front row of the race track. While this game is delivered in cartoon form, it still is fast paced and will gallop you away into the action. It is a rewarding game to play, and with a 5-reel and 25 paylines, you will find your bet size and winning potential is certainly quite flexible. It is down to you and how much you want to put into the game at the end of the day. From modest budgets to extravagant high rollers, you will adjust into the game nicely.

The biggest prize that this game can provide you as a player, is the Sure Win symbol that can appear at any time within your gameplay. Should you be lucky enough to land this, you will have the instant locked jackpot that the game can provide. However, if you want the maximum jackpot, you will need to chuck in the maximum stake simultaneously. You have the free spins feature as another way of triggering the jackpot too, which makes gaming all the more necessary.

Derby Dollars

Anytime we even hear the term Derby, we are instantly intrigued, and we are sure this speaks on behalf of horse racing fans everywhere, right? This game has quite many bonus features which should make gaming for entertainment an inevitable conclusion-no matter the win you actually manage to make overall. While the graphics are a little bit lacking, you will put that to the side, when you come acquainted with the Wild Horse feature. This bonus game can let you win as many as 3330 coins, and serendipitously too!

The free spins feature can continuously be played to give you 25 free spins in total to play with. Each spin can also triple the stake you make, meaning three times as much winnings, from your raw wager. While the game does come with a fixed jackpot too, we will warn you that it is no Mega Moolah worthy bonus, but it still is something. At £1800, nobody will exactly turn their head away and say no, will they?

Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven 

Playtech brings to you a slot game which celebrates the life of Frankie Dettori, a renowned famous jockey who made the history books for his talent. Dettori had managed to shoot to the top of the game and success when he took 7 Ascot wins away, and even though he missed one in 2017 due to injury, he still goes down in history as one of the best to jockeys out there. 

The game itself is set up on a 5-reel and 25 payline slot, which is very classical for a video slot nowadays. While the game may be typical, the bonus games that offer cash prizes to you are not. These games give you a possible access to the overall fixed jackpot, alongside free spins which can deliver you a 7,500 x multiplier on your initial wager. With two bonus rounds to play with, called the Free Games and the Magic Seven, you have many opportunities to break even, and win. It is just a case of questioning when this will actually happen! If you love horse racing, this should be on the top of your list, there is no doubt about that.

Champion of the Track

Champion of the Track is yet another famous and successful horse racing slot game. This one is developed by pioneers NetEnt, who have a record of creating winning slot game titles that make history and forever remain top features amongst every single casino. This slot game again, is a generic video slot, with 30 paylines and 5-reels to play with. While you do not have the best slot game graphics to work with, the main elements of the game should keep you entertained and on the roll with your gameplay. With two main bonus features, the free spins and career bonus will provide you with multiple ways to exceed your initial wager and multiply those winnings. Cash prizes do get awarded out at random when you play the bonus features, so you just need to be mentally prepared for the possibility of them actually landing. You never know, do you?

Lucky Day at the Races 

For our last slot game title, we have this one: Lucky Day at the Races. This slot game gives you the opportunity of activating bonus features, and giving you large numbers of special features, all in one go. The free spins act as both that and multipliers, meaning you could pretty much score both ways in one given situation. With the help of a scatter symbol, you will also be able to trigger a cash payout, should you manage to land more than the matching symbols within one combination. It is definitely worth playing this one, if you truly are hoping for a win, at the races!


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