BaumBet has recently launched their affiliate programme with NetRefer

BaumBet has recently launched their affiliate platform with NetRefer.


BaumBet is proud to represent the Romanian Gambling market as the oldest Romanian company developing its own gambling slots. BaumBet’s organizational focus is on punctuality of payments, quality of service, a strong retention strategy and their responsible gaming orientation. Focusing on this orientation leaves a lasting effect in the player’s mindset, giving BaumBet an edge over competition.

Together with their partners, BaumBet speedily became a significant force in the online gambling market, both in Romania and other international markets.

NetRefer will empower BaumBet with its premium product suite, allowing enhanced management of marketing activities relating to its affiliates (both Online and Offline). With the power of NetRefer, they shall be providing their affiliates with the best platform experience on the market.

Daniel Cordos, Project Manager at BaumBet said, “NetRefer has proven to be a very flexible and well-designed software to cater to the needs of a large organization such as BaumBet. The partnership will help us manage our active affiliates, their customer accounts and their activity, and it has a big task to undertake, which it does diligently daily. We are also confident that, together with NetRefer, we will be able to attract numerous high-value affiliates and to offer them a professional software that will fulfill their requirements, in one word, to offer them the finest affiliate experience. The people surrounding the product and supporting our business team are very professional and are always willing to help.

NetRefer is thrilled to have BaumBet, one of Romania’s leading online operators launch their Affiliate Platform with our software. Utilizing our advanced technology and experience in the industry we will provide BaumBet with a swift and significant return on investment.” says Timothy Buttigieg, Chief Operating Officer at NetRefer.

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