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· The new range of 5×3 slots from MGA Games incorporates new graphic styles, better math, innovations in the sequence of games and unique audio and music.

· Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots uses the successful combination of a localised product with famous characters and creates great interest among the public.

The Spanish company MGA Games, specialist developers of localised slot games for global operators, has just presented its new range of 5-reel slots games, the Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots, to the Spanish operators. With the slogan “Because at MGA Games we are also 5” the company has sent its customers various materials focused on the innovations and improvements incorporated in its 5×3 products. A safe bet with which MGA Games expects to succeed in the 5×3 slot market and become the reference content provider for casino slot games.

A winning formula, the new Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots saga plays on the success of the 3-reel Spanish Celebrities games, combining a localised product with celebrity characters well known to the public and achieving incomparable results in the Spanish market.

Whatsmore and as explained in the campaign, the MGA Games productions incorporate more innovation with new graphic styles, exclusive music by producer Quique Tejada and updated visual effects. Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots also stand out for their improvements in the game sequence and their new mathematics with low, medium and high volatility, adapted to each type of player.

For the founder and CEO of MGA Games, Joan Sanahuja: “At MGA Games we are also ‘5 slots’. For 20 years, we have been devising new products that entertain and excite players with their great content and prizes, but we also care about achieving maximum profitability for the operator. We have proven that our Spanish Celebrities on 3-reel Spanish slots are unrivalled when it comes to the income they generate. Now, and as we always do, we have gone one step further to offer Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots a fun, light-hearted 5-reel product and guaranteed to be profitable and successful for operators.”

Spanish operators’ customers can now experience first-hand, the innovations offered by the Spanish Celebrities Casino Slots series, with the first game, Yola Berrocal Wild West, which launched only a few days ago.