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500 Operators, 500 Affiliates are gonna fly on SIGMA!

Exhibiting vendors are happy. Exhibiting operators are happy.

Fresh blood line and new deals guaranteed: the organizers of SIGMA are flying 500 new operators (CEOs & CPOs only) and 500 brand new affiliates to the Summit of iGaming Malta – enough to keep all our exhibitors, be it operators chasing affiliates or vendors chasing operators, busy signing deals at the greatest show.


Affiliate Grand Slam Bucharest – September 2017

the host of Affiliate Grand Slam 2













Buckle up! We’re flying to Bucharest for Affiliate Grand Slam #2

The organizers of SIGMA have identified the six operators that will host the second AGS and they couldn’t be happier with the mix of quality brands.

200 top affiliates will also join the organizers on an all-inclusive treat for two high quality nights with these six operators in Bucharest. Enough time for wining, dining and some serious business.


“This one day we ditched the smart-casual”

They said iGaming parties are boring

The summer heat is already kicking in Malta, so SIGMA thought it made sense to go really casual for one day, stock up on the sun cream and throw another iGathering party by the pool.

iG8 pool party

You can view the full album here!


60+ start-ups expected for Malta Gaming Week-Dragon’s Den? Shark Tank? We got igaming covered


SIGMA - start ups


With all the buzz around start-ups, SIGMA is dedicating a part of the expo floor to all start-ups, giving each a free booth. They’re also hosting the most experienced VCs and investors worldwide for the SiGMA Start-up Pitch.


Never miss the action with SiGMAtv


The organizers of SIGMA are really delighted to announce the launch of a brand-new innovation to their show – SiGMAtv. This year’s show will see the deployment of 10 large screen installations that will be strategically positioned in areas of maximum dwell and footfall across the show site. SIGMAtv will serve as primary broadcast and communication conduit.

In addition, SIGMA TV will see all the content captured available on our web site and of course YouTube and across social channels making this a truly multi-platform, multi-channel digital offering. Sponsorship opportunities here.

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