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Riverboat casino, a type of casino on a riverboat found in several states in the United States with frontage on the Mississippi River and its tributaries are getting a push from the government.

A Senate committee acceded the bills which would give go-ahead to 15 riverboat casinos in the state, to expand to the shores as well as bring new games on board.

In view of this 15 riverboat casinos of Louisiana’s are eyeing the State Congress, as this is a potential regulation which would benefit their operations to navigate through and forge ahead. A Senate committee recently approved bills that would allow them to expand 1,200 feet onto the shore and add more gaming tables and slot machines.

The Senate Judiciary B Committee, chaired by Senator Ronnie Johns approved the bill and will move to the Senate floor. Sen. Johns is the sponsor of the main bill, which would also drop the requirement that the riverboats should keep their distinctive paddlewheels.

Johns’ bill would also allow the riverboats to expand their operations onto the shore and expand the areas they devote to gaming. His bill would raise the limit to 2,365 gaming positions, or seats at blackjack tables, roulette wheels or slot machines.

Mississippi currently allows riverboats to conduct gaming within 800 feet of the coast, but may soon stretch it out to 1,200 feet. That way, Johns’ bill would enable Louisiana’s riverboats to be larger than the ones in Mississippi and bring in more revenue.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events