After many years of service marked by extreme reliability (99.99998% uptime) and world class performance, AmTote International is designating its market share leading Spectrum® pari-mutuel totalisator and fixed-odds wagering platform as a “legacy” product – dedicating its development resources to finalization of the new platform.

The next generation wagering platform will play a key role as 1/ST TECHNOLOGY continues to deliver against its mission to expand opportunities for innovation, new revenue opportunities, and diversification across The Stronach Group’s racing and gaming verticals.

“Our vision is to build upon the strengths of our current gambling platform while extending the platform’s capabilities – increasing speed to market, enhanced support of our customers’ needs, and unlocking the ability to rapidly and efficiently onboard new consumers across sports betting, esports, and other emerging opportunities,” said Paul Williams, CEO of 1/ST TECHNOLOGY.

AmTote engineering and operations teams will continue to fully support the Spectrum® platform while the new platform is finalized and then effectively phased into production across the AmTote customer base.

While Spectrum® will no longer be prioritized from a new feature development perspective, AmTote will continue to engage and collaborate with its customers on new product feature requests, which will be evaluated and prioritized for inclusion in the new platform.