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The city of Yokohama has launched a request for proposal (RFP) to select a private partner for its bid to receive one of Japan’s three new integrated resorts licences.

The application period for participation runs from February 5 until May 17. That will be followed by a period for documents to be examined between June 1 and June 11.

Once an operator has been selected, a development plan will be formulated. There will then be a period of public hearings, which is expected to be held in fall and winter.

The city council aims to make a decision on its partner for developing the integrated resort and casino complex by March 2022. The final step in the process will be the application to the central government, which is scheduled for April 2022.

The city said in a statement: “Along with conveying the attractions of tourism in Japan to the world, Yokohama will become a gateway to Japan for inbound visitors from across the world, as we will be their landing point for attractive tourist locations across Japan.

“Through this project, we will contribute to Japan’s growth strategy, which aims to bring in 60 million foreign visitors and JPY 1.5 trillion (US$14.5bn) in foreigner consumption in 2030, contributing to Japan’s sustainable growth.”