Yobetit, A Maltese Betting Company That CaresReading Time: 2 minutes

Yobetit is a Maltese betting company that cares about local talent. The company has sponsored many sports teams and events in Malta over the years, from Mtarfa Football Club to Phoenix Sports Club, and badminton to bowling, they are always eager to help and show their support. Most recently, Yobetit provided sponsorship for several local sports divisions within the Phoenix Sports Club in Malta.

The recent partnership has given the sports teams some very promising futures, it could even see a player all the way to the Olympics. The financial support has been extended to the 1st Male Handball Team, 1st Division Female Handball Team, 1st Division Women’s Volleyball Team, and the Children’s Nursery.

The Maltese CEO Nikolai Livori believes that the Maltese community deserves to excel in as many different ways possible, and wants to help make it happen, he explained;

I value the importance of discovering aspirations, setting goals, and making them happen. That is why Yobetit will continue to sponsor many sports teams in Malta.”

Sarolta Sebes, one of the players of the Female Division Handball Team, and more recently a member of the Yobetit family gave some insight on the relationship between the two;

I play left wing and pivot. I joined the team in July 2017 almost as soon as I moved to Malta. With the help of Yobetit we can train twice a week as we have enough funds to book the handball court(s) – as we train in 2 different sport centers. For the next season we are getting a new kit with the Yobetit logo, which we look forward to wearing and winning in.

I really like the friendly, young environment in the office. My colleagues are not afraid of getting involved in new challenges and everyone is absolutely helpful. You can always find a friendly smile or a playful dog wherever you go in the office.”

The support Yobetit continues to provide is strongly appreciated by employees and locals alike. Yobetits’ strong and genuine interest in the community is what sets the betting company apart from the rest. It gets you thinking, what will the company do next?

About Yobetit.com:

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Source: European Gaming Media and Events