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SugarHouse Online Casino, a casino company based at New Jersey, has joined hands with Wyrz, mobile payment solution in its bid to increase the cash flow into the online casino arena. This could potentially pave the way to a boost in online gambling revenues. Wyrz is a comparatively simple fintech solution. Basically, it is a virtual prepaid Visa card that offers a smooth, easy customer experience anywhere Visa is accepted. With Wyrz on board, transactions on SugarHouse Online become simpler. Using Wyrz, users simply input credit or debit card details, and if the card cannot be accepted directly, a prompt to purchase a prepaid card comes up instead, and without extra fees, basically just adding a step to conclude the process.

This provides a safe and effective option for using credit or debit card, something which will be particularly attractive in New Jersey, using a bank-issued credit or debit card is not always foolproof when it comes to online gambling. There was no guarantee that transactions would be completed. The entry of Wyrz will change things.

Wyrz’s CEO, Justin Lunny, said: “We’re delighted to have formally launched Wyrz in the US with Rush Street’s  Rush Street is a perfect partner for us with their continued focus and commitment to innovation and the player experience. Wyrz will further enhance player satisfaction, helping remove friction from the account funding process which at present can be frustrating.”

While it helps hardcore fans of blackjack and the likes an easy and hassle-free option of playing these games online, it is not without any bottlenecks. There are various legal issues surrounding it, which can make it more of a trial for the players at least initially.  However, once streamlined, this system might go a long way towards making the process smoother and easier to work with.

Online gaming of any stripe can be fun and entertaining, but paying is not always easy. This move could help that out, showing once again how mobile payments can step in to make life that much easier.

Source: European Gaming Media and Events