What's the future of sports fan engagement look like?


The power that live sports bring to the sportsbook experience and how it creates an infinite number of thrilling sports-powered engagement opportunities for players is on nearly every US operator’s mind. But how do they activate sportsbook players that are not in the app or on-site? And how do they get more players back into session and create deeper brand engagement and higher gross gaming revenues? By monetizing the game play window beforeduring and after the game.

With billions of data points to parse – and millions of dollars at stake – operators need real-time data on what’s happening in session to deliver a sports-powered experience that starts with each match or game and turns it into the sports betting players’ personal playing field. That’s when they are most invested in supporting their favorite teams and players.

OtherLevels, a pioneer in developing sports engagement technology in the UK and Australia, is rolling out its Sports Engagement platform designed for US operators to help them understand when players are most engaged and reactivate and monetize out-of-session players with personal, relevant content. By capitalizing on the immediacy and excitement of the game and combining live odds, game state and previous betting behaviors, operators can extend the reach of their sportsbooks and increase GGRs.

With online sportsbooks estimated to reach almost 1 in 2 Americans by 2024, competition is fierce for winning more share of those players’ dollars and loyalty. I’d love to connect you with Jenny Lu, OtherLevels’ General Manager for the Americas, to discuss how the future of securing player engagement is through sports-powered experiences. Jenny can also discuss why sports-powered engagement is so effective at retaining players, and the company’s work with partners, including Genius Sports and SG Digital.