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Crypto casinos have proven extremely popular amongst US players. But what are the top games they are playing? And why?

We’re going to look at both of these questions to help us have a better understanding of players at crypto online casinos in the US market. We compiled lists of the top online slots at the best crypto casinos, and here’s what we learned.

Top 5 Crypto Slots

Wild Spin by Platipus

Released: Aug. 2020 RTP: 95% Variance: Low-Medium
Min Bet: 0.25 Max Bet: 50.00 Max Payout: 1,063x


Wild Spin is a simple 5×3 video slot with very few unique features outside of the wild symbol and the free spins bonus game. The high payout symbols for the game include cherry, plum, bell, bar, and lucky 7. Players can also win jackpot prizes where you can win mini, minor, maxi, major, and grand jackpots.

While playing this slot game, what was most notable was the overall number of wins accumulated. While the payouts are not large, you receive a high volume of winning matches while spinning the reels. When you hit the free spins bonus game, the last reel becomes a full reel wild.

It’s also relatively frequent to trigger the game’s jackpot prize bonus, many of which come with multipliers attached. Adding one of these instant cash prizes greatly increases your chances for a massive return on investment while playing Wild Spin online slot.

Elvis Frog in Vegas by BGaming

Released: May 2020 RTP: 96% Variance: Med-High
Min Bet: 2.50 Max Bet: 25.00 Max Payout: 2,500x


Elvis Frog has truly been taking crypto casinos by storm and tops the list across the board as one of the most played games at all of them. This is surprising as the minimum bet of $2.50 is much higher than the average online slot. But the game has a lot going for it. One is its fun theme of a singing frog, and the second is that it contains two different bonus games for players to enjoy: a hold and win bonus and a free spins bonus. The free spins bonus uses a mega symbol on the center reel.

So what is driving Elvis Frog to the top of the charts? Well, the King has several things going for him. It doesn’t go unnoticed that many crypto casinos host the game on their top lists, including featured slots, popular slots, hold and win slots, and others. Another thing to note is that many of these same casinos offered valuable casino offers or slot tournaments featuring the game this year, where rewards would come in free spins to continue playing this game.

But is there more to the game than this? Absolutely! BGaming created a great game with a unique theme that has thrived for the past two years to the point they have created three sequels: Aloha King Elvis, Elvis in Playamo, and the new Elvis King Trueways – a Megaways slot variation. One could also make the case that the theme and the main character are both charming for players to enjoy, as when you land a big win, he’ll appear on stage and sing to you.

Dragon’s Element by Platipus

Released: May 2020 RTP: 95.03% Variance: High
Min Bet: 0.50 Max Bet: 50.00 Max Payout: 2,000x


Platipus makes another appearance on our list, this time with an Asian-themed online slot. The game features a 6×4 board and three jackpots to spin for; Minor, Major, and Grand. The dragon symbol plays as the slot’s wild, and should players land all six scatters on the board, they’ll be rewarded with up to 50 free spins for the bonus game.

One rather unique feature here is a Wild Connect, where when two dragons are on the same row, they will breathe fire and connect themselves by creating additional dragon symbols. This is almost like a stacked expanding wild, but horizontal rather than vertical. It’s also a feature that can greatly increase the size of your winnings.

Once again, Platipus is showing us that US slot players may not be after tons of fancy new features but, instead, are seeking payouts as the game has 50 paylines, making it much easier to stack up some wins. This is perhaps even more true for players gambling with crypto. The one downside to Dragon’s Element is that to trigger the free spins, you will need to land scatters along each consecutive reel, making it much more difficult to achieve.

Diamond Riches by Booming Games

Released: March 2021 RTP: 95.47% Variance: High
Min Bet: 0.10 Max Bet: 50.00 Max Payout: 2,000x


Diamonds are forever (and for big wins) in this classic online slot from Booming Games. Here we have Diamond Riches, a 3×3 grid featuring classic bar symbols, coins, gold bars, and sparkling diamonds. This crypto slot hosts a bonus game where players will be awarded 10 free spins and then given the chance to double their money with a gamble feature afterward.

Here, we have another game with very generous paylines, making it easier to accumulate more wins. While 10 paylines may not sound like a lot if you’re on a 5×4 or larger video slot, on a classic slot, it pretty much means the board is filled with ways to win.

There’s something to be said for the ease of play and nostalgia that comes with a classic slot. You simply place your wager and spin the reel. There’s no battle feature, no bonus wheel, and nothing to distract you from accumulating great wins. If Diamond Riches were a popular food, it’d be the mac n cheese of online slots; easy, predictable, and comforting.

Aztec Magic Deluxe by BGaming

Released: May 2018 RTP: 96.96% Variance: Medium
Min Bet: 1.50 Max Bet: 15.00 Max Payout: 5,000x


We round out our top list of crypto slots with BGaming’s popular Aztec Magic Deluxe. This slot game has a 5×3 board with special high payout symbols featuring Aztec gold and silver amulets, high priestesses, and warrior chief wild symbols. You’ll also discover the game has 15 paylines and a bonus game where you can win up to 30 free spins.

This game has two big things going for it. The first is its high RTP of nearly 97%. RTP is the return to player one can expect to receive on an overall investment based on a set amount of spins over an amount of time. The higher the RTP, the better your return on investment. The average RTP for an online slot is generally between 95-96%.

The second thing boosting Aztec Magic Deluxe’s popularity is that this game has more free spins welcome bonuses attached to it than any other game across top crypto casino sites. Just a quick scan of welcome packages will show you how players can be awarded 100, 200, and even up to 250 free spins to play Aztec Magic Deluxe. Good free spins welcome bonuses are a great way to boost a game’s ranking among crypto players.

Why Do US Players Love These Slots?

While it’s great to note what US crypto players are enjoying at their favorite casino, it’s equally important for us to analyze why this may be. What do these games have in common? What draws players back to these games?

Our analysis came to the following conclusions.

Crypto casinos push certain games

My research relied heavily on the list of top crypto casinos and welcome bonuses listed at They do a great job of keeping things updated with current information regarding crypto casinos, including all the top crypto bonuses and the latest in industry news.

When analyzing top lists and bonuses throughout, it was easy to spot that many of the games listed above are included in welcome offers involving free spins – one of the most sought-after types of casino offers. This is not a negative for players. In fact, it is just the opposite. Various bonuses have different terms and conditions, but I could locate several low wagering and no wagering free spins bonuses connected to Elvis Frog in Vegas and Aztec Magic Deluxe.

Likewise, many crypto casinos have these games on their featured lists, making them very easy for players to access. The term “featured” implies that a game is popular and is, therefore, more likely to be clicked on by players who may be unfamiliar with the game.

There is beauty in simplicity

The standout similarity in the majority of the games on our list is the simplicity of the games’ designs. In fact, Elvis Frog is the only game on our list with unique bonus game features, while all the others would be considered standard video slots. This is very telling, as many game providers are shifting towards games with more unique features than ever before.

Every day we see online slots with new hold and win bonuses, racing games, battle modes, and more. But are US players gravitating toward these games? At the moment, our research says no. But this is likely to change with time as the iGaming and casino industries continue to evolve.

These games have great payouts

In the end, it is evident that the games on the list not correlated with high levels of casino bonuses are popular due to the high return on investment players appear to receive. We see high RTP percentages, and when we tested the games, we found that the online slots paid out regularly. It’s a great reminder that while many slot players might enjoy games for entertainment, the vast majority of them are here for the wins, especially when it comes to those playing with crypto.

Final Thoughts

While game providers and casinos can continue to make assumptions about what US crypto players want, it will always come down to the analysis of the true numbers to tell us what games are highly successful in the market. Our research concludes that crypto slot players in the US are more drawn to:

  • Games with bonuses attached
  • Online slots that are easy to play
  • Casino games with regular payouts

Personally, I found the overall list to be rather surprising given how game providers are shifting away from traditional online slots and moving towards more innovative approaches to online gaming. However, once our research showed the correlations, the overall results are not surprising. Knowing this research can help crypto casinos, game providers, and crypto players make stronger decisions on how to cater to players in the US market.


  1. What are the best crypto slots to play?

The most popular crypto slots are usually those that come with a welcome bonus. You can find a number of free spins bonuses to play the best online slots at top casinos.

  1. What is RTP?

A game’s RTP refers to the return to player percentage. This is a mathematical formula that shows how much a player can expect a return on investment on spins of a game over a set amount of time.

  1. Where can I play the best crypto slots?

You’ll find popular online slots at all the top crypto casinos. Enjoy playing classic slots, fruit slots, new online slots, and more.